April 5, 2016

REB Storage provides first aid for damaged racks

By DC Velocity Staff

While REB Storage is mostly known as a systems integrator, the company is also promoting its rack survey and repair services at Modex. Many facilities are not aware how dangerous damaged racks can be. Lift trucks often run into racks, causing a compromise in their structural integrity. REB Storage can offer a designated safety assessment, which is a survey of a facility's entire rack system to determine any damage or safety concerns in racking, decking, and beams. They will access how critical the damage is and offer repair services. Some customers choose to have the surveys done on a regular ongoing basis, such as quarterly. In addition to their integration services, REB Storage also offers rack protection products, such as end of row protection, and the company sells carts, totes, and shelving systems.

For more information, see the REB Storage website.

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