April 5, 2016

PosiCharge ProCore battery charger can be controlled with easy-to-use smartphone app

By DC Velocity Staff

The PosiCharge ProCore series of intelligent chargers offers power ranges from 5 to 30 kw, multivoltage flexibility, and 93-percent peak efficiency. Through an innovative mobile app, users can connect with, program, and download data from ProCore using a smartphone running iOS or Android. This capability allows for the remote setup of new units, troubleshooting, and configuration of settings via a Bluetooth connection, with no separate Internet connection, cables, or bulky laptops required. The app is simple and intuitive; users can view real-time information, update settings, and send and receive data using familiar handheld technology. One of the most attractive features is the ability to save and repeat settings, which eliminates the need to repeat steps and screens to set up or reprogram multiple chargers.

For more information, see the PosiCharge ProCore website.

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