April 5, 2016

Intralox redefines nonconveyables

By DC Velocity Staff

Intralox is displaying its new Activated Roller Belt (ARB) technology Series 7000 at Modex. The belts are redefining how polybags are handled and offers an innovative option for sorting, aligning, and merging in warehouse and distribution centers.

Companies are turning to alternative methods of packaging, such as polybags, to reduce costs and to address dimensional packaging concerns. However, polybags can be difficult to convey and alternative methods have proved to be damaging to the product. ARB S7000 enables high-speed conveying of polybags, padded (Jiffy) envelopes, flats, and cartons without the risk of snagging the product. ARB S7000 aligns items within a minimal footprint. It also has the ability to sort bidirectionally and can merge non-rigid packages prior to sorting, scanning, and labeling.

For more information, see the Intralox website.

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