April 5, 2016

CHEP moves beyond the pallet

By DC Velocity Staff

There's a funny thing about CHEP's booth at the Modex trade show in Atlanta: There's not a single pallet in sight. That might seem like an odd choice for a company that's well known for its pallet-pooling services, but this year the company is trying to recast itself as a "supply chain solution provider."

CHEP launched its CHEP Solutions Portfolio last June in an attempt to use the experiences and resources that it has gained through managing its own massive supply chain to help its customers with their supply chain challenges. The majority of those projects have focused in three areas, according to Skip Miller, vice president of customer service and solutions: 1) packaging performance, 2) unit load optimization, and 3) transportation efficiency.

In the past eight months, CHEP helped customers on these projects and has helped them save $13 million. Part of those savings comes from helping companies with private fleets fill empty backhauls with CHEP pallets that need to be transported to the same area.

For more information, visit CHEP's website.

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