April 5, 2016

Beumer puts a new spin on sorting

By DC Velocity Staff

Beumer is highlighting its new in-line sorter solution during Modex. The Rota-Sorter is a push sorter for small items and is designed for things normally seen as difficult to sort, such as polybags, envelopes, and small parcels. Many companies may find it a good alternative to more expensive loop sorting systems for these goods.

The Rota-Sorter can sort about 4,000 parcels an hour with of peak of 7,000 parcels per hour. Items as thin as a quarter of an inch can be sorted with the system. Primarily designed as a shipping sorter, Rota-Sorter gently pushes products down diverts with an unusual rotating pusher that continuously contacts the item with a flat facing surface. It can handle products up to 100 pounds and is targeted to parcel and retail operations.

For more information, see the Beumer website.

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