April 5, 2016

Ametek's TruBid system accurately measures battery charge

By DC Velocity Staff

Ametek Prestolite Power says its TruBid battery charge monitor will be a "game changer" for forklift fleets. The device, which sits on top of the battery and inserts a probe into a cell, continuously monitors the electrolyte temperature and specific gravity of the battery to determine whether the battery is fully charged. That provides a more accurate reading of a battery's charge than conventional measuring devices, according to the manufacturer. In concert with the charger, TruBid also extends the charge to meet the manufacturer's recommendation, ensures that the battery receives only one 100 percent charge daily, and detects cell failures, among other capabilities. Six on-board LEDs provide status displays, and related information is available on the charger display. TruBid wirelessly downloads data to the charger and for analysis by Ametek's DataLink analysis software.

For more information, see the Ametek Prestolite Power website.

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