April 4, 2016

Versatile new Hyster truck series to be offered at a lower cost of acquisition and ownership

By DC Velocity Staff

Hyster Co., a division of Hyster-Yale Group, today announced the launch of its new XT counterbalanced sit-down lift truck series. The company designed the new trucks in response to customers' requests for a versatile forklift that meets Hyster's standards for heavy-duty reliability yet offers a lower cost of acquisition and ownership. The XT series, available for order soon, incorporates some design features from Hyster's premium Fortis series and will be offered in 4,000-, 5,000-, and 6,000-pound capacity models. The first in the series, the H50XT, was introduced by vice president of counterbalanced development Michele Corini. According to Corini, the new truck—which sported a humorous skull and flames paint job—features the company's Variable Power Technology. This system allows users to select performance modes to maximize productivity or fuel economy; Hyster says it makes the H50XT significantly more fuel-efficient and productive than competitors' similar models. To indicate its belief that the XT series will be a "category killer," the company parked it next to a "crime scene" with a fake oil spill, some loose nuts and bolts, and a chalk outline of a forklift with the legend: "Here lies the competition, crushed by the superior fuel efficiency and productivity of the Hyster H50XT."

For more information, see the Hyster Co. website.

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