April 4, 2016

SI Systems rolls out broad domestic inserter system

By DC Velocity Staff

Automated material handling service provider SI Systems LLC said today it has introduced a product that allows companies to automatically insert a broad range of documents into open orders as they move on conveyors, a process the company said will improve warehouse throughput, and reduce labor costs.

Each "Doc-U-spense" warehouse document inserter frame comes with three or four integrated inserters, SI said. Up to four frames or 16 document inserters can be used as one integrated system. Each unit comes fully assembled and requires only 120 volts and communications cables, the company said. Every Doc-U-spense unit can insert documents into totes, cartons, or containers that are inducted at rates up to 3,600 per hour, SI said.

Each frame is equipped with integrated sensors to identify an order, verify the correct document and quantities dispensed, and indicate when inventory levels are low. The system allows every order to receive the exact printed materials, documents, and quantities of each document required.

The rapid return on investment is achieved by labor and space savings, and by the low cost of acquisition and installation. The cost of installation can be as much as 94 percent less than standard and traditional document dispensing systems because one set of controls manages up to 16 inserters.

Inserting documents into warehouse and distribution center orders is an essential part of most warehouse operations. However, the amount of resources required for implementation has always made it challenging to obtain an adequate ROI. Companies have used manual labor to place documents into open orders, hoping they would put the right document into the right order. This often resulted in much wasted labor, and a great deal of accuracy variability, the company said.

For more information, see the SI Systems website.

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