April 4, 2016

Raymond announces one-screen, multifunctional display for telematics information and three new lift truck models

By DC Velocity Staff

The Raymond Corp. says its iWarehouse telematics system, which provides fleet management and optimization solutions compatible with any brand of lift truck, has become the first telematics solution to integrate multiple operational systems in a single, factory-installed display unit. The first truck model featuring the integrated display is from the Raymond Reach-Fork series. In addition to iWarehouse telematics functionality, the new display offers operators the ability to toggle between lift truck operations information, a height-tilt indicator, and the Raymond Vantage Point operator camera system displays. The display effectively streamlines multiple display hardware on lift trucks into one unit, thereby increasing operator visibility and minimizing the number of instruments with which the operator needs to interact. The updated iWarehouse display is a factory-installed, 7-inch full-color touch screen. There is no need to set up or install any additional telematics hardware on the lift trucks post-purchase. Fleet and operations managers simply need to subscribe to the service, similar to satellite radio in newer car models.

Raymond also announced three new lift truck models that will be available for commercial sale later this year. They include the model 8710 low-level orderpicker, which enlarges the pick window to 47 inches to allow warehouse and distribution operations to expand vertically; the 8210 walkie pallet truck with quick-charging, long-lasting lithium-ion battery to provide heightened productivity and reduced downtime; and the 4750 sit-down, counterbalanced truck, which includes an op-view mast, increased visibility, and other ergonomic enhancements.

For more information, see the The Raymond Corp. website.

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