April 4, 2016

Lenze Americas' modular design, wireless software transmission enable "plug and play" updates for motors

By DC Velocity Staff

The increasing technological complexity of material handling equipment and the concurrent challenges of acquiring, training, and retaining engineers and technicians has created greater demand for easy motion control solutions and machines that do not require complex programming. Lenze Americas, a manufacturer of electrical and mechanical drives, and motion control and automation technology is responding to those trends. The company has redesigned some of its controls based on open standards and interfaces and standard components, and has built them for intuitive operation. Lenze's Smart Motor, for instance, allows reduced commissioning time; quick, easy repairs; and simple changes to operating parameters through the use of modular plug-ins. Without any specialized tools or knowledge, customers can swap out control units, memory chips, and power unit. When changes in operating parameters are needed, a simple-to-use smartphone app allows operators to download software and use near-field communication to wirelessly install the new instructions in moments. In the past, such changes would have required replacing the motor and reprogramming the controls.

For more information, see the Lenze Americas website.

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