April 4, 2016

Knapp sortation solution turns warehouse workers into "pick pockets"

By DC Velocity Staff

Picking pockets is not always a bad thing, at least according to the material handling and logistics solution provider Knapp. At the Modex show in Atlanta this week, Knapp is showcasing its innovative pocket sorter system, which can greatly reduce the amount of space needed for ordering picking, sortation, and packing.

The system works like this: A picker places an item—such as a shirt or an accessory or a box of shoes—into a nylon pocket that looks a little like a garment bag. These pockets hang vertically down from a rail and are transported by rollers. The pockets are staged overhead and then brought down to the pack-out station in the proper sequence for each order.

One of the chief benefits of the pocket sorter is that it takes up less space than using bins on a conveyor system for picking and packing orders. The sweet spot for this solution is retail and apparel, according to Kevin Reader, director of business development and marketing. Indeed the first North American installation of Knapp's pocket sorter was for the outdoor clothing and gear retailer REI.

For more information, see the Knapp website.

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