April 4, 2016

Interroll rolls out new modular conveyor platform

By DC Velocity Staff

After a long history of providing highly engineered conveyor components and sections created for each individual installation, Interroll has essentially reinvented its product line by switching to a more modular, configurable conveyor platform. The company rolled out its new modular conveyor platform (MCP) to the Americas today at the Modex supply chain trade show in Atlanta.

With plug-and-play modules and standard components, the conveyors can be designed, configured, made, and assembled faster. Additionally customers can more easily add new components or reassemble existing ones, similar to how a child can take apart and reassemble Lego blocks. The components include straight conveyor sections, curves (with and without drivers), merge components for loading and unloading goods, diverters, and alignment and belt conveyors.

For example, if a distribution center with an existing conveyor wanted to add sortation capabilities, it could take out rollers in its existing conveyor module and pop in a high-performance diverter. As demand for their product increases, additional diverters can be added in.

These changes and redesigns can be made within hours, where previously these would have taken weeks or months.

For more information, see the Interroll website.

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