April 4, 2016

Hytrol unveils new sorter for small items

By DC Velocity Staff

The tremendous growth in e-commerce has changed how distribution systems convey and sort products. Packages are no longer in square solid boxes, but instead come in all shapes and sizes. Many of the pouches and envelopes that are used to ship today's items used to be considered non-conveyables. To address the needs of handling these small items, Hytrol has come out with a few solutions, including the ProSort 100 Elite. Modeled on its larger cousin, this sliding shoe sorter uses smaller shoes to divert bags, envelopes, and other small items with bi-directional sorting. The smaller shoe size allows high speed sorting with less than 3-foot divert centers.

Hytrol also presented its new E24 product line, which is a 24-volt DC conveyor system that utilizes a pancake motor to drive rollers. The system is quiet, operator-friendly, energy saving, and maintenance free, while offering six times the life of motorized roller systems.

Additionally, Hytrol unveiled a new ViperSort sortation system that is also designed for small products. It uses push diverters that allow 18- to 20-inch divert centers for small items such as cosmetics, blister packs, and CDs.

For more information, see the Hytrol website.

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