April 4, 2016

Frazier Ergo Series racks go deep

By DC Velocity Staff

Rack company Frazier Industrial Co. rolled out a new double-deep version of its Ergo Series pallet rack beam today at the Modex trade show in Atlanta.

The Ergo Series is designed for enabling more ergonomic picking from double-bay pallet racks. The front beam of the rack is split into two separate curved beams. One pallet is placed on each of the beams, with an opening between the two. Order pickers can go into the opening to reach cartons at the rear of the pallet without having to stretch over or move cartons in the front of the pallet.

The new Deep Reach option goes two pallets deep, providing pickers access in essence to four pallets of product to pick from.

Additionally, because the worker can walk inside the bay, he or she can also pick from pallets in the next aisle over. According to Domenick Iellimo, executive vice president of sales and marketing and creator of the Ergo Beam, this can significantly reduce travel time as the picker does not need to walk or drive around to the next aisle.

Frazier's Ergo Deep has been on the market for three months and is currently installed in five facilities.

For more information, see the Frazier Industrial Co. website.

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