April 4, 2016

Cognex launches rugged, vision-based barcode reader using consumer smartphones

By DC Velocity Staff

Machine vision systems provider Cognex Corp. of Natick, Mass., has launched a new product line of ruggedized mobile terminals for handheld barcode scanning. Cognex's MX-1000 series offers manufacturers and logistics companies an alternative to expensive, purpose-built mobile terminals by packaging consumer off-the-shelf smartphones in rugged, hand-held assemblies that hold both the phone and a specially designed Cognex barcode reader. When the iOS, Android, or Windows Mobile-based phone reaches the end of its serviceable life, users can swap out the waterproof rubber gasket and screen cover, add a new phone, and keep using Cognex's vision reader attachment. Intended for tasks including inventory management, logistics, and field service, the approach uses camera-based vision technology to provide better barcode reading rates than standard laser-based scanners, said Cognex product marketing manager Eric Andersen.

For more information, see the Cognex website.

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