April 4, 2016

AutoGuide debuts short-frame tunneling AGV, new guidance technology for tugger

By DC Velocity Staff

AutoGuide, a provider of automated guided vehicles and a Heartland Automated Solutions company, introduced two innovations in its product lineup. The first is a short-frame tunneling AGV called the TVX, a shorter version of the company's first major product, the TV1000. A tunneling AGV maneuvers beneath a load and hitches to it, then delivers the load to an assembly line. The shorter frame length allows for tighter turns; the rugged AGV also boast a larger-sized motor, larger battery capacity, and higher load capacity than its predecessor. The TVX will be available in the next few months.

AutoGuide's ITM5K 5,000-pound capacity industrial tugger is now available with "natural feature guidance," a technology that uses laser scanners to determine the vehicle's path. No floorpaths, magnetic guides, or markers are required, making installations quick and simple, says AutoGuide; positioning accuracy is within 1 cm and docking accuracy is within 5 mm. Simple wireless mapping allows for quick route adjustments. The equipment's real-time traffic management system integrates with existing ERP, WMS, and MES software.

For more information, see the AutoGuide website.

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