April 4, 2016

ACT's new battery chargers take a quantum leap forward

By DC Velocity Staff

With its new Quantum solution, Advanced Charging Technologies (ACT) has packaged together its ACT Quantum industrial battery chargers with battery monitoring and diagnostic software and cloud-based asset management.

The battery monitoring and diagnostics can provide users with information about how their batteries and chargers are performing. This information can be used to schedule proactive maintenance. It also provides reports and alerts that ensure that employees are properly charging their batteries. The reports will show managers, for example, whether batteries are being overcharged or undercharged, whether they are being watered, and whether they are being equalized once a week. The reports will also let users know when batteries are nearing their end of life and need to be replaced, allowing companies to better reflect that cost in their capital expenditure budgets.

ACT is so confident in their solution that it has backed up its Quantum batteries with a 5-year warranty, the longest in the marketplace.

For more information, see the ACT website.

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