March 19, 2014

On the go: Cushman releases new tug, golf cart

By DC Velocity Staff

Cushman announced two new vehicles for light industrial use at the Modex show in Atlanta this week: The 8K Tug, which can tow up to 8,000 pounds, and the Cushman Hauler Pro, a turf utility vehicle (also known as a golf cart), which can be used to transport supervisors, maintenance workers, and other personnel.

The 8K Tug is very similar to Cushman's previous 5K model. It has a zero-emission, 36-volt DC powertrain, standard two-wheel hydraulic brakes (customers can choose all-wheel brakes as an added option), and simplified controls. Because it has three wheels and a narrow turning radius, the tug is perfect for narrow aisles. Typical uses of the vehicle include delivery of parts in lean operations.

"It's everything our customers loved about the 5K but with the ability to tow much larger loads," said Grace Miller, marketing communications manager.

Cushman has also updated its Hauler Utility Vehicle. The new version has a 72-volt AC electric drivetrain, as opposed to the previous version's 48-volt system. As result, the new vehicle has more torque, allowing it to pull a heavier load and accelerate better, according to Miller.

This silent, no-emissions utility vehicle can travel up to 50 miles between charges and run both indoors and outdoors. According to Miller, about 45 percent of all orders are customized with such additions as a cab and van box, a fold-down strobe light, or food service trays.

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