March 19, 2014

Omnichannel shipping sorter from Beumer

By DC Velocity Staff

Employing tried-and-true components packaged in a new way, Beumer has introduced a shipping sorter designed for omnichannel applications. The sorter provides the speed and flexibility that is required with the wide range of items that are picked and sorted in multichannel fulfillment environments.

The system is built around Beumer's successful BS25 platform but adds options that tailor it to customer-specific needs. The options include manual, automatic, or semiautomatic induction; a choice of trays; and the ability to sort into chutes or gaylord cartons. The sorter's trays are designed to easily handle boxes and bags, and their large size enables them to accommodate a wide variety of products for maximum versatility. The system also features robust controls and software to manage high-volume sorting.

With the use of standardized components, design and installation can be completed quickly, saving time and money on the project. Systems can be installed in existing operations with virtually no downtime during installation and change-over.

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