March 18, 2014

Orbis goes small, introduces "dolly pallet"

By DC Velocity Staff

As stores go small, pallets are too. Orbis Corp., a manufacturer of reusable packaging, has introduced a 42-inch by 30-inch all-plastic pallet that is designed for deliveries to small-format stores.

The Small-Format HP Pallet's narrower width makes it easier to move the pallet into the store through a standard door and then maneuver it through the store's narrow aisles. It can also be used to display the product on the retail floor.

Orbis has also introduced a line of plastic display pallets that can function like a "dolly pallet." The pallet has lever on it; when engaged, the pallet is locked and cannot be moved. When the lever is released, the pallet can then be rolled.

The company has also updated its OPTE Bulk container, which consists of a square plastic sleeve that attaches to the top of a pallet. A top cap can then be placed on the sleeve, creating a container. The new bulk container features a latch that allows workers to engage and release the plastic sleeve from the pallet. When collapsed, the sleeve nests within the pallet and top cap. As a result, 50 percent more collapsed systems can fit in a standard 53-foot trailer than alternative bulk packaging systems.

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