March 18, 2014

Knapp's pocketful of sortation

By DC Velocity Staff

Addressing the needs of handling odd-sized items in omnichannel fulfillment, Knapp is introducing a new Pocket Sorter. The sorter utilizes pouches that can hold a wide variety of products, such as apparel, toys, and boxes as well as anything lightweight and otherwise difficult to sort by conventional means. The only real limitation on the products is the weight, as items have to be 6.6 pounds or less.

The item's bar code is scanned by a worker as it is inducted into the sorter. The system then automatically places the item into a passing pouch that it then conveys to the next process or to storage. The pouches can be stored and buffered overhead, reducing the need for floor space. When needed, the system can retrieve the pouches in a desired sequence for delivery to other processes or pack stations. The pocket sorter is capable of handing 1,200 sorts per hour.

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