March 18, 2014

High-efficiency, high-frequency charger offers modular design

By DC Velocity Staff

Enatel Motive Power, a New Zealand-based company with roots in the telecom industry, is introducing a series of high-frequency chargers that the company says include several unique features. The most noticeable difference in the XHF series is the modular design, which has been common in the telecom industry for 25 years but is new to lift truck battery charging, the manufacturer says. The interchangeable power modules can slide in and out of the charger unit; if one should fail, the charger issues an alarm but continues to operate with the remaining modules. Users can properly size the charger for the battery by adjusting the number of modules installed. A filter screen covers the power modules to protect them from dust and dirt.

Other noteworthy features include energy efficiency of up to 95 percent, so that the units use less electricity than comparably sized chargers. The XHF Series is fully compliant with California laws on energy efficiency, said Andrew Davidson, Enatel's sales and marketing director. In addition, the dealer can use the charger interface software to configure for different voltages and fine-tune for specific customers' needs. DC Power Technologies is the U.S. distributor.

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