March 17, 2014

Taking scanning for Granit

By DC Velocity Staff

Honeywell has released a new version of its Granit scanner. A full-range scanner for both near and far scanning, the Granit 1280i is made to be highly durable. In fact, at Honeywell's booth at Modex, the scanner is sent through the tumble cycle of a dryer along with rocks to demonstrate its ruggedness. The scanner can read bar codes as close as 3.5 inches away and as far as 54 feet. It is also designed to handle cold environments up to minus 22 degrees F.

Honeywell's Vocollect division is also highlighting the noise-canceling capabilities of its A700 mobile computer solution coupled with the SRX2 wireless headsets. In addition, the company is showcasing the new A720 voice device, which allows for the easy attachment of peripherals such as long- and short-range scanners, printers, and RFID readers.

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