March 17, 2014

New "in-line" dimensioning device can handle cases, irregular-shaped items

By DC Velocity Staff

Quantronix Inc. has released a new dimensioning device that can measure both cases and irregular-shaped items.

The CubiScan 225 is an "in-line" device, meaning it is incorporated into a conveyor system. Its infrared sensors measure an item's dimensions as it moves through a gate on the conveyor.

The device can measure not only boxed and case-pack items as typical in-line dimensioning (or cubing and weighing) systems do, but also small, irregular-shaped parts and components. According to Quantronix, this flexibility makes the dimensioning system good for such challenging applications as on-demand box making.

The CubiScan 225 can measure objects up to 24 by 24 by 60 inches in size with a resolution of 0.05 inches and a minimum required interval between each object of only six inches.

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