March 17, 2014

Innovation from storage system company makes order picking more ergonomic

By DC Velocity Staff

Frazier Industrial Co., a manufacturer of structural steel storage systems, introduced the Ergo-Label Beam, which can be used in an existing pallet rack to provide order pickers with easy access to rear cartons on a pallet.

The Ergo-Label Beam is designed for a double-bay rack design. The front beam of the rack is split into two separate curved beams. One pallet is placed on each of the beams, with an opening between the two. Order pickers can go into the opening to reach cartons at the rear of the pallet without having to stretch over or move cartons in the front of the pallet.

"Our customers report less product breakage, fewer worker injuries, and improved productivity when using the Ergo Beam," said Domenick Iellimo, executive vice president of sales and marketing and creator of the Ergo Beam.

The front of the two beams is slightly recessed so that bar-code labels can be placed on them without risk of their being damaged by an impact from a forklift.

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