February 8, 2012

Remote MasterMind software manages multiple types of bar-code scanners

By DC Velocity Staff

Honeywell's Remote MasterMind 3.0 software allows users to manage all scanners in their network from a single remote location. The software handles asset tracking, software distribution, configuration management, diagnostic monitoring, and performance measurement. Software distribution and configuration setting can be performed for thousands of scanners simultaneously.

One of the software's unusual features is that it can manage scanners from any manufacturer, not just Honeywell's LXE devices. It can also interface with multiple operating systems. An industry first, according to Honeywell, is the software's ability to report data for individual scanners such as number and frequency of screen touches, rebooting, speed and frequency of use, and other productivity measures. The data, which is shown to users in a dashboard format, allow managers to identify operators who may benefit from more training or could improve their productivity.

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