February 7, 2012

New unit sorter can handle variety of parcels

By DC Velocity Staff

SpanTech has debuted "The TranSorter," a new unit sorter designed for "end of line" systems, order fulfillment, inbound sorting, and returns processing. The new sorter can sort a wide range of parcels as well as fragile items, ultra-lightweight polybags, and other irregulars, which have traditionally been problematic for other sorters.

The new TranSorter evolved from an innovation originally developed for the bakery and confectionary processing industries, which require gentle handling of products. TranSorter has a modular design, which consists of grouping extendable and retractable nose conveyors. The system works similar to pulling a tablecloth from under a wine glass. Sort destinations are generated by retracting the programmable conveyor within itself while it is still moving an item forward. Items are gently deposited directly into a container or onto a secondary sort device, such as a crossbelt conveyor or tilting mechanism. Upon sorting, the transpositor closes the gap to allow items to pass.

Two models are available. The TranSorter 300, which is 300 mm (11.81 inches) in width, or the TranSorter 600, which is 600mm (23.62 inches) wide. Both versions have an overall length of 1,500 mm (59.05 inches) with a programmable sort opening of 600 mm.

SpanTech debuted the sorter at the MODEX 2012 show.

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