February 6, 2012

New low-cost collision-avoidance device improves safety in the aisles

By DC Velocity Staff

Sentry Protection Products has introduced "Collision Sentry," a simple, low-cost device that can "see" around corners and warn pedestrians and lift truck operators of activity in adjoining warehouse aisles. The battery-powered, magnet-mounted device clips easily onto pallet rack uprights at blind corners and can detect motion up to 50 feet away. The device includes multiple infrared motion detectors, which are set at the proper height for pedestrians and vehicles. If the device detects motion in both directions, a blinking red LED light warns traffic in both aisles to approach the intersection with caution.

The company plans to begin mass production in May 2012. The expected price point will be around $100, far below the price of any similar product on the market, said President Jim Ryan.

The company discussed the release of Collision Sentry at MODEX 2012, a new expo put on by the industry association Material Handling Industry of America.

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