October 14, 2008

Video Reports from CSCMP's 2008 Annual Global Conference

By DC Velocity Staff

An overview of CSCMP's 2008 Annual Global Conference.; CSCMP 2008; In an extensive interview, CSCMP keynote speaker Mahender Singh of MIT's Center for Transportation and Logistics provides further insight into his address on curved thinking in a flat world.; CSCMP 2008; Mahender Singh; David Simchi-Levi, Professor at MIT's School of Engineering, offers views based on his research into the impact of higher oil prices and transportation strategy.; CSCMP 2008; David Simchi-Levi; transportation; Robert Lieb, Professor of Supply Chain Management at Northeastern University, shares the results of his annual study on third party logistics.; 3PL; CSCMP 2008; Robert Lieb; Martha Cooper of the Air Force Institute and Ohio State University discusses the results of research on the career paths of women in logistics.; CSCMP 2008; martha cooper; Looking for that next logistics job? Susan Reyman, President of Reyman Associates, provides tips on how to respond when an executive recruiter comes calling.; careers; CSCMP 2008; Susan Reyman; CSCMP President & CEO Rick Blasgen shares details on the Denver CSCMP conference.; CSCMP 2008; Rick Blasgen; Roger Woody of Embarq Logistics is the new CSCMP Chair. He explains the organization's goals for the coming year.; CSCMP 2008; Roger Woody; Interviews with David Simchi-Levi, Martha Cooper, Rick Blasgen and more from CSCMP's 2008 Annual Global Conference.