October 31, 2007

Video Reports From CSCMP's 2007 Annual Conference

By DC Velocity Staff

CSCMP 2007 Report The 2007 conference of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals was held in Philadelphia Oct 21-24. If you could not be there, see what you missed. Outgoing CSCMP Board Chair Ed Huller also provides a brief review of accomplishments the organization made during the past year. | Watch video →
Donald Bowersox Donald Bowersox, Professor Emeritus at Michigan State University talks about his presentation "Supply Chains Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow." He shares how new supply chains are going to be developed for last mile delivery of products and he also discusses increased customization of products to meet individual customer needs. | Watch video → Karl Manrodt Karl Manrodt, Associate Professor at Georgia Southern University provides the results of annual research conducted on Transportation and Supply Chain Trends. It includes transportation modes, sizes of loads, distances hauled and other transportation trends. | Watch video →
James Stock James Stock of the University of South Florida reveals research into Career Patterns in Supply Chain Management. He discusses educational trends, the need for managers to learn how to work globally and opportunities for professionals to advance to executive management positions. | Watch video → Rick Blasgen CSCMP CEO Rick Blasgen shares about the organization's new Onsite Education Initiative, which offers CSCMP experts and resources to member companies for onsite training and development. | Watch video →
Ed Huller Ed Huller, CSCMP Outgoing Chair of the Board of Directors, discusses the organization's Certification Program for Supply Chain Professionals. | Watch video → Richard Murphy, Jr. Richard Murphy, Jr., new Chair of the CSCMP Board of Directors, shares CSCMP's plans, programs and visions for its membership during coming year. | Watch video →