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Capgemini survey: millennial shoppers ready and willing for autonomous stores
Test cases in Norway and U.S. offer self-checkout aisles to extend store hours, source local vendors.

A moveable feast?
Automated grocery "NanoStore" can be picked up and dropped wherever it's needed.

Trimble agrees to buy TMS vendor Kuebix in bid to build unified logistics platform
Latest acquisition could solve inefficiencies created by shippers and carriers using "fragmented" software, Trimble says.

Amazon to add Alexa digital assistant to its parcel delivery vans
Drivers to use AI-powered conversation bots to operate certain functions of Rivian electric vans through voice commands.

Hackers used ransomware in virus
Freight matching marketplace restores "most major services" after 11 days.

No, a robot will not take your job (but it might change it)
Despite what we've all heard, a new survey shows that most American workers do not feel threatened by the prospect of workplace automation. In fact, nearly three-quarters say they would welcome the assistance.

How to revamp your order-fulfillment strategy
In the face of an increasingly complex supply chain, experts point to data, automation, and flexibility as building blocks of a successful fulfillment strategy. restores desktop service after Christmas malware attack
Software virus continues to cripple mobile app for freight matching marketplace. crippled by malware virus in final stretch of peak season
Freight matching marketplace has been shuttered since Dec. 21.

Going mobile
When paperwork started slowing its drivers down, Cardinal Logistics began searching for a mobile device that could meet the unique needs of trucking. It found the answer in two Zebra mobile computers.

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