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Time for a trade-in on your mobile devices?
Time for a trade-in on your mobile devices?
Distribution centers across the country are on the verge of replacing their fleets of mobile computers, as Microsoft backs out of the market. But experts say there's more to a refresh cycle than just swapping one brand of handheld for another.
BluJay launches "Freight Market Index"
Software vendor will sell monthly report based on TMS data.
Report: RFID tags see steady growth for apparel, payment cards, farm animals
Production forecast to grow from 17.5 billion tags in 2018 to 20 billion in 2019, IDTechEx says.
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AIM teams with IIC to support industrial internet of things
Industry groups to collaborate on interoperability, portability, security, and privacy.
Software that eases labor pains
Desperate to retain their best workers in a historically tight market, DCs are using their trusty LMS software in creative new ways.
Postal Service upgrades mobile computers to adapt to on-demand economy
USPS will deploy 300,000 Zebra handheld devices in 2020 to scan, track, and trace packages.
Shipwell raises $35 million in funding round, adds FedEx compatibility
Digital freight management firm will expand headcount and open Chicago office, company says.
LLamasoft acquires Opex Analytics
Combined capabilities will help speed adoption of AI technologies in the supply chain, companies say.
Enterprise intelligence gains steam
More firms are on the path to becoming "intelligent" compared to last year, driven by IoT investments and an increase in IT spending, company study shows.
WMS helps gauge maker handle DC performance pressures
Engineered Specialty Products Inc. used data from the Latitude WMS to tie pay to performance and drive labor improvements.

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