October 17, 2019

Spotlight on ... facility equipment

Spotlight on ... facility equipment

Here are some recent product announcements that have crossed our editors' desks.

By DC Velocity Staff

Air-flow system: The C-Series Fabric Diffuser from DuctSox, a maker of air-dispersion products, offers a 360-degree air-distribution solution for HVAC systems. (See photo above.) Suitable for a variety of spaces, including warehouses and manufacturing plants, the C-Series drop-down plenum diffuser provides facilities with directional control of their indoor airflow systems in spaces where traditional ductwork is not an option for physical or financial reasons.

The C-Series diffuser features a 360-degree design of porous fabric with a unique pattern of directional openings. Each diffuser is engineered with a straight or 30-degree angled face and is available in a variety of sizes.

The C-Series diffuser utilizes DuctSox's SkeleCore internal tensioning system, which eliminates fabric flutter while maintaining the exterior's sleek appearance with or without air flow. A stainless-steel internal framework option is also available for food-processing and other caustic environments. 

Unlike metal, fabric diffusers are immune to scratches, dents, and rust as the porous fabric is durable and not prone to condensation. The fabric is also quieter due to a lack of resonating properties and can be easily vacuumed or laundered, while optional fabrics are available with antimicrobial agents to inhibit bacteria growth.

According to the company, the C-Series diffuser also provides facilities with several "green" benefits. Due to its 360 degrees of air dispersion, the fabric diffuser brings occupied spaces to target temperatures 22% faster than metal diffusers can, producing substantial energy-cost savings. The C-Series also requires less shipment packaging than metal and thus creates less solid waste. As a result, the installation of a C-Series diffuser may also help facilities attain LEED credits. (DuctSox Corp.)

Patterson V-Series HVLS ceiling fanCeiling fan: Patterson Fan Co. has released its direct-drive V-Series high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) ceiling fan. The fan, which features an IP54 motor and IP66 VFD (variable-frequency drive), is designed to be light, quiet, and simple to operate. The product also comes with self-lubricating bearings, which makes it maintenance-free.

Rated for indoor and outdoor covered spaces, the fan can cover up to 23,000 square feet. Its dihedral V-shaped blades are angled up 7 degrees, allowing air distribution to a wider area, the company says. (Patterson Fan Co.)

Tyco ESFR-22 sprinklerSprinkler system: Johnson Controls has added the Tyco Early Suppression Fast Response (ESFR)-22 pendent sprinkler to its storage solution line. The ESFR-22 can be installed in storage facilities with a ceiling height of up to 45 feet and a storage arrangement of up to 40 feet without requiring in-rack sprinklers. The system can also be installed with a maximum deflector-to-ceiling distance of 18 inches, resulting in a reduction in product and installation costs as well as increased storage space due to higher roof/rack heights, the company says.

Model ESFR-22 sprinklers are primarily used for ceiling-only sprinkler protection of, but not limited to, the following storage applications: most encapsulated or non-encapsulated common materials, including cartoned unexpanded plastics; uncartoned (exposed) expanded plastics; and some storage arrangements of rubber tires, roll paper, flammable liquids, and aerosols.

The ESFR-22 meets National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and FM Global (FM Approvals) installation standards that must be used to properly design an automatic sprinkler system using ESFR sprinklers. (Johnson Controls)

Vesda-E Veu fire-detection systemFire-detection system: Xtralis, a provider of aspirating smoke detection (ASD) equipment, has introduced Vesda-E Veu, a fire-detection system that draws air samples in a continuous process through holes in long runs of durable industrial pipe mounted along the walls and ceiling.

ASD technology uses a process that collects air samples through durable piping to detectors and tests it using laser-based technology, imaging, and photodiodes (semiconductors that convert light into an electrical current). Compared with traditional smoke detectors, this system is designed to improve safety by detecting smoke at the earliest possible stage via numerous sampling points, while reducing false alarms and maintenance.

While some ASD products use an LED light source and one or more photo receivers, the company's Veu equipment utilizes a flair-detection chamber that uses a short wavelength laser, a CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor) imager, and multiple photodiodes.

With more detailed information to analyze, the unit is able to differentiate smoke from other factors that could cause disruptive false alarms. For warehouse environments where airborne dust may be present and confused with smoke, the unit's dust rejection and data analytics minimize nuisance alarms by at least three times compared with similar technologies, the company says. (Xtralis)

Presto Ecoa CLT series scissor liftCompact scissor lifts: Ergonomic material handling equipment manufacturer Presto Ecoa Lifts has introduced its CLT Series compact scissor lifts. These industrial-duty lifts are available in a wide range of capacities, including 2,000, 3,000, 4,000, 5,000, and 6,000 pounds. They are ideal for a wide variety of work positioning, assembly, repair, and inspection applications in manufacturing facilities, warehouses, repair shops, and more, the manufacturer says.

CLT Series lifts employ a double-scissor mechanism that allows for a collapsed height of 8.5 inches while providing raised heights of up to 56.5 inches. Lifting control is via a hand pendant or foot switch.

Standard platforms range from 24 inches by 36 inches up to 24 inches by 60 inches. Larger platforms, up to 48 inches by 84 inches, are available. The compact scissor lifts' features include cylinders with internal stops; lifetime self-lubricating, PTFE-lined composite bearings; and safety-restraint maintenance bars. (Presto Ecoa Lifts)

https://www.dcvelocity.com/images/articles/2019/201910/20191017rollouts_patterson.jpgDirect-drive overhead fan: Big Ass Fans has unveiled Powerfoil D, a direct-drive overhead fan designed for harsh industrial environments. According to the company, Powerfoil D delivers the strength and performance required for industrial applications while featuring virtually silent operation.

The fan, whose diameter options range from eight to 24 feet, is IP66 rated for indoor or outdoor use. (Big Ass Fans)

Rite-Hite Revolution HVLS fanHVLS fans: Material handling systems manufacturer Rite-Hite has added two new models to its lineup of direct-drive high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) fans—the Revolution 75 and the Revolution 25. The Revolution 75 is available in eight- to 24-foot diameters and is suitable for large industrial spaces, while the Revolution 25 is available in six- to 12-foot diameters and incorporates a sleek blade design that is suitable for commercial and retail environments.

The direct-drive fans come standard with the Fan-Commander 2.0 touchscreen control, a wireless station with seven-day customizable scheduling for up to 24 fans. Controls can be accessed through a building management system or remotely from a PC or mobile device with standard ethernet connectivity. Optional sensors can adjust fan operation based on ambient temperatures.

The fans are shipped pre-wired and factory configured for each application, which helps reduce installation costs and time, and the wireless control station allows cooling to begin almost immediately. Redundant safety features are integrated into all of Rite-Hite's direct-drive HVLS fan designs., the company says. (Rite-Hite)

Panel Built industrial stairsIndustrial stairs: Panel Built Inc., a manufacturer of modular offices, mezzanines, and guardhouses, has unveiled a line of heavy-duty industrial stairs. Using the company's bolt-together steel design, Panel Built's stairs are manufactured to handle even the harshest industrial environment. Each stair system is custom fabricated to meet the customer's exact needs. The stairs' handrailing can also be customized in order to meet a variety of codes and standards. Pickets, additional handrails, and even wire mesh can be added to increase the stairs' overall level of safety.

Panel Built industrial stairs are powder-coated in order to provide a tough, durable, and long-lasting finish. For exterior stair systems, the structures are galvanized in order to protect against weather damage. (Panel Built)

Eaglestone 806 Series food-grade walkoverRaised walkway: Eaglestone Equipment, a manufacturing company specializing in equipment for food processing and packaging, has introduced its 806 Series food-grade walkover. Raised walkways are designed for pedestrian traffic moving from one side of a production line to the other. The company says the walkover adds value by enabling workers to safely and swiftly get where they need to be to keep the production line running efficiently. In many cases, walkovers are required for compliance with government standards for evacuation planning.

Companies can choose from materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized steel, and painted steel to meet their needs. Sealed diamond-plate decks are available to work above lines, and open-grated decks with a polymer finish can be used for easy cleaning and ventilation. Also available are kick rails ranging from the traditional four inches up to the new 24-inch standard.

Configurations include simple steps up and steps down, steps up and ladder down, or ladder up and steps down. Steps can also be angled to maximize floor space. (Eaglestone Equipment)

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