December 13, 2018

Spotlight on ... cubing and weighing systems

Here are some recent product announcements that have crossed our editors' desks.

By DC Velocity Staff

New Castle Atlas mobile dimensioning stationDimensioning workstations: Newcastle Systems has introduced its Atlas Series mobile dimensioning stations, which allow operators to dimension products anywhere in the warehouse. Each workstation is equipped with a QubeVu DimStation, which includes a supporting pole and an integrated display that's designed to dimension items of any shape in under a second. The Atlas Series consists of 30- and 48-inch-long workstations that hold and power the DimStation and other hardware, including scales, laptops, thin clients, CPUs, and printers.

The dimensioning stations allow warehouses and DCs to process large volumes of products quickly, even during seasonal peaks. Warehouse staff can dimension directly at the product location, which increases productivity by up to 50 percent, the company says.

The dimensioning technology has built-in imaging for verification, tracking, and claim protection, and is compatible with other warehouse management systems and shipping software, including UPS WorldShip and FedEx ShipStation.

The Atlas Series mobile dimensioning stations can handle up to 125 pounds and are powered by the PowerSwap Nucleus Lithium Power System, providing 24/7 operation. (Newcastle Systems Inc.,

MobileDemand mobile dimensioning systemMobile dimensioning system: MobileDemand has introduced a mobile dimensioning system across the company's rugged tablet product line. By integrating the Intel RealSense Depth Camera D415 with MobileDemand's family of rugged tablets, MobileDemand can provide businesses in the transportation, supply chain management, logistics, shipping, and warehouse sectors with the ability to quickly, automatically, and accurately acquire dimensions and calculate volumes and dimensional weights of boxes and pallets.

Customers can maintain their mobility and scan boxes and pallets anywhere, the company says, doing away with the need to transport boxes and pallets to a fixed-location dimensioning platform. This mobile system was designed to simplify operations, reduce costs, and save time.

Fixed-location cameras limit when, where, and how the camera can be used. By contrast, MobileDemand rugged tablets can go anywhere and are Windows-based, so customers can use the software of their choice to complete their volume-dimensioning needs. Once a box or pallet has been scanned, the measurements can be automatically entered into the customer's software application and dimensional weight will be calculated. (MobileDemand,

Dimensioning software: Packsize has introduced its PackNet.DIM product dimensioning software, which expands the data collection and on-demand packaging capabilities of the company's PackNet production and optimization software platform. Designed with an easy-to-use interface, PackNet.DIM captures dimensional data to box difficult-to-size or complex products.

According to Packsize, the software can also complement a fulfillment operation's inbound or product management inventory process by collecting and storing key product attributes beyond length, width, height, and weight. PackNet.DIM includes export and import capabilities to simplify and enhance the transfer of this data. The software can be added to a current or new PackNet license, or purchased as a standalone software tool. (Packsize,

FreightSnap FS 5000 XL freight dimensionerLarge-format freight dimensioner: FreightSnap has launched its FS 5000 XL, a fully automatic freight dimensioner that's capable of measuring large cubic and irregular-shaped freight in just a few seconds. Certified in the United States, the FS 5000 XL is designed to measure freight larger than 96 inches in length—from couches to farm equipment to televisions—as well as boost efficiency in any cross-dock or warehouse operation.

To fit in most warehouse and cross-dock settings, the FS 5000 XL hangs from the ceiling above floor traffic. The unit can be customized to incorporate additional equipment like floor and forklift scales, conveyor systems, and pallet wrappers. (FreightSnap,

Wheel pad scale: Alliance Scale Inc. has introduced a portable wireless wheel pad scale that lets users monitor load safety and weight compliance virtually anywhere. The Alliance Load Ranger Wireless Wheel Pad Scale features a remote indicator in a carrying case that receives Bluetooth signals from up to six weigh pads and can accommodate up to 14 pads (seven sets) joined via cable with wireless communication to the indicator. Allowing full vehicle weighing on location, the wheel weigh pads have an indicator with a backlit display along with wheels and handles for ease of use in restricted areas.

Incorporating wheel weighing software that allows for static axle weighing and a multifunction mode for up to 14 pads, the Alliance Load Ranger Wireless Wheel Pad Scale can calculate the X-Y coordinates and the center of gravity, along with semiautomatic tare. (Alliance Scale Inc.,

Pallet dimensioning solution: QubeVu has released an automated high-speed dimensioning solution for palletized freight. According to the company, the PalletPro 4x4 provides fast, accurate, and economical dimensioning for pallets and freight up to 4 by 4 by 6 feet, including cubes, tubes, polybags, and irregular bundled or stacked items. With a scan head that can be ceiling or pole mounted, the PalletPro provides instant dimensions without requiring object alignment.

Like all QubeVu products, the PalletPro comes with the ability to integrate with many shipping software programs. This solution also integrates with most floor scales. (QubeVu,

Rice Lake iDimension LTL cubing systemLTL cubing system: Rice Lake Weighing Systems' iDimension LTL system uses sensing technology to accurately determine the cubic dimensions of freight. According to the company, the system's ability to capture NTEP (National Type Evaluation Program)-certified dimensions helps ensure freight code compliance and deters revenue-loss from miscalculated dimensions.

The iDimension LTL is ideal for LTL (less-than-truckload) carriers and shipping departments with a high percentage of product shipped via pallet or crate. It removes the potential for human error and eliminates the need to manually determine cubic dimensions, the company says.

Up to two cameras can be added to provide images of the freight for visual verification of the freight's condition at the time of measurement. Images can include dimensions and a time/date stamp.

The ceiling-mounted system offers 360-degree access for easy pallet placement within the 8- by 8-foot target area. Its imaging technology dimensions LTL freight at a rate of 2 to 3 seconds within 0.5-inch accuracy.

The operator display, mounted on the system, provides a visual of freight dimensions to the forklift driver. Once a pallet has been dimensioned, the measurements and a "remove" message are displayed to indicate the system has completed dimensioning and the forklift driver can remove the freight.

A Windows-based software program and industrial touchscreen PC provide connectivity with bar-code scanners, floor scales, and other networked devices to trigger the system to dimension. (Rice Lake Weighing Systems,

Mettler Toledo CSN950 dimensionerParcel dimensioner: Mettler Toledo has announced the latest addition to its line of parcel dimensioners, the CSN950. According to the company, the CSN950 MultiHead dimensioner provides the highest read rates on parcels of any shape and is designed to automatically dimension an extremely wide range of parcel types.

With the CSN950 MultiHead, objects of all shapes are identified and measured—even small items down to 2 millimeters in height. The dimensioning software redirects parcels that are too large to go down an out-feed and detects touching or overlapping parcels that could potentially cause mis-sorts that result in incorrect deliveries. (Mettler Toledo,

Cubiscan CS 275 conveyorized cubing-weighing systemConveyorized cubing and weighing system: Cubiscan has introduced the CS 275, a conveyorized system designed to work in semiautomatic or automatic mode. Operators can use the foot pedal to go at their own pace or build a fully automated shipping system capable of scanning, weighing, cubing, and labeling.

In the semiautomatic mode, the CS 275 can be used in a back office or ship and manifest line, and can integrate with UPS WorldShip, FedEx Ship Manager, and other enterprise and multicarrier platforms. In automatic mode, the system can function as an integrated manifest line where 500 to 5,000 packages are shipped a day. (Cubiscan,

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