Table of Contents: September 2019

Solving the final 50 feet: interview with Barbara Ivanov
For businesses that make city deliveries, the challenge isn't so much the last mile as the last 50 feet, starting with the battle for parking space. Barbara Ivanov and her team at the Urban Freight Lab are looking for ways to ease the pain.
Make the right (power) play Make the right (power) play
With more motive power options available than ever before, choosing the best one for your forklift fleet isn't easy. Here's what to consider before you make your pick.
James J. Radous III of UniCarriers Americas James J. Radous III of UniCarriers Americas
In our continuing series of discussions with top supply-chain company executives, James J. Radous III of UniCarriers shares his take on the state of the forklift industry, his company's growth following its 2015 acquisition and rebranding, and the importance of giving back.
How will 2019 stack up for truckers? How will 2019 stack up for truckers?
Trucking companies owned the freight markets in 2018, setting new records for everything from tonnage to revenues. Matching that won't be easy.
A TMS partnership that spells sweet success A TMS partnership that spells sweet success
Outsourcing its transportation and logistics function is allowing snack manufacturer Lenny & Larry's to better manage growth and focus on its core competency: making cookies.
It pays to be a good partner It pays to be a good partner
Being a "shipper of choice" can boost your chances of getting the service you need when trucking capacity is tight. But as our survey found, clear communication and respect for your carriers is good practice no matter what's happening in the market.
5 questions about 5G 5 questions about 5G
You've heard a lot of chatter about the new 5G cellular wireless network, but what does it mean for supply chain operations? Here are answers to five basic questions.

Big Picture: The cost of tariffs
With the latest round of tariffs hitting this month, we take a look at their effects.
Outbound: Conventional wisdom
Sometimes what we all thought to be true turns out to be wrong.
Star-studded podcast tells a scary tale of the open road
Carrier is tailor-made for truckers who need something to listen to on a long drive. But it's not for the faint of heart.
CMA CGM says "no" to the Northern Sea Route
The ocean carrier says newly thawed Arctic seas are too fragile for risks posed by cargo ships.
Who was that masked forklift driver?
Comic-Con visitors tested their "super powers" on a Raymond forklift simulator.
Video series testifies for propane-powered forklifts
The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) says its videos address common misconceptions about indoor usage, emissions, and cost.
Startup says its solution can prevent texting while driving
Cryptocurrency pays safe drivers to ignore their smartphones.
Logistics gives back
Here's our monthly roundup of some of the charitable works and donations by companies in the material handling and logistics space.
UPS to launch seven-day delivery in 2020 for online shopping demand
Company targets e-commerce, small business, healthcare sectors with menu of expanded services, UPS says.
Port of Los Angeles plans "cyber resilience center"
Unit would defend against computer risks to cargo supply chain.
Class 8 truck demand teeters on cusp of "significant correction," ACT says
Report reinforces FTR finding that shippers are enjoying the most favorable conditions in years, thanks to abundant capacity in the truckloadĀ market.
AT&T provides 5G data network for rolling retail robots
Badger Technologies says wireless bandwidth and security help its robots gather inventory data from store aisles.
Self-driving truck startup runs freight routes in Texas
Kodiak Robotics makes first commercial deliveries, focuses on "middle mile" highway routes, firm says.
FedEx to sever another Amazon link when ground-delivery contract expires
Carrier had also stepped away fromĀ air shipping contract with its e-commerce "frenemy" in June.
Postal Service delivers $2.3 billion loss for third quarter
Mail office's "fixed and mandated costs" are rising faster than its revenues, postmaster general says.
Study: Challenges ahead for warehouse automation market
Researcher points to double-digit growth in warehouse automation this year and next, with headwinds expected in 2021.