Table of Contents: August 2018

Curse of the Internet: E-commerce creates new challenges for customs
Agencies are struggling to process a surging tide of time-sensitive e-commerce shipments while keeping tabs on security and regulatory compliance.
The changing face of cargo theft: interview with Scott Cornell The changing face of cargo theft: interview with Scott Cornell
Cargo theft and protection is a cat-and-mouse game over some valuable cheese, according to Scott Cornell of Travelers Insurance.
A yellow-letter day? A yellow-letter day?
It's been nearly a decade since DHL ceased domestic U.S. express service. Its future success here will depend on executing in a very different delivery environment.
Vertical carousel revitalizes healthcare retailer's fulfillment operation Vertical carousel revitalizes healthcare retailer's fulfillment operation
As sales boomed, Danish e-tailer Med24 faced a storage-space crunch. Installing vertical carousels changed all that.
Start me up: Opportunity charging or fast charging? Start me up: Opportunity charging or fast charging?
Both methods are designed to get DC equipment up and running faster—and keep it running longer—than with conventional charging. So which is best for your operation?
A well-articulated solution A well-articulated solution
Faced with a space crunch, Irish cold storage provider Molloy & Sherry moved to narrow-aisle storage and Aisle-Master articulated forklifts, with cool results.
Striking the right balance Striking the right balance
Retailers need more sophisticated technology to manage inventory in an omnichannel world. Tools that improve visibility and flexibility are at the top of the list.

Big Picture: A suggestion for congestion
Congestion wastes time, fuel, and productivity. There must be a better way to manage our infrastructure
Outbound: Little Rhody's small-mindedness
Rhode Island's new truck-only highway toll scheme has thrust the habitual failed thinking of the smallest state's leaders into the national spotlight.
Back on the "unchained" gang?
CSCMP looks to reunite "CSCMP Unchained" band at this fall's Edge conference.
CP issues safety tips for hikers
"RailSense" safety campaign aims to cut down on collisions.
MOL plots course for autonomous ships
Research looks at ways to improve fleet navigation and safety.
Save my spot
App lets users reserve urban parking spaces for cars and trucks.
Logistics gives back
Here's our monthly roundup of some of the charitable works and donations by companies in the material handling and logistics space.
XPO "augments" home delivery service
Augmented reality app lets consumers visualize how large items will fit into their homes prior to delivery.
Study offers insight into "early driver turnover"
One in three truck drivers leaves within the first three months of employment. New research aims to find out why.
Shhh, you're in a warehouse
Redesigned truck backup alarm eliminates those annoying beeps.
JDA acquires artificial intelligence firm Blue Yonder
Deal will add pricing optimization and forecasting replenishment to supply chain software suite, JDA says.
CSCMP to honor Dr. John Gattorna with group's 2018 Distinguished Service Award
Author, academic and consultant has played key role in shifting industry's value proposition
Industrial property `availability' rate hits lowest point since 2000, CBRE report says
Demand continues to exceed supply as availability declines for 32nd straight quarter.
Raymond Corp. acquires northwest regional lift truck dealer Raymond Handling Concepts Corp.
Dealership President Steve Raymond, a grandson of Raymond Corp. founder, will retire after 31 years, firms say.
It's become the mother...
Of truckload rate cycles, that is. The pick-up in demand has done what many feared it would do.
Cargo Chief teams with GateHouse to share trucking data
Online load matching network could use aggregated ELD data to help trucks avoid empty runs, Cargo Chief says.
Truckload driver wages must hit $75k annually to boost supply, executive says
Threshold still well below current levels, Batts says.