Table of Contents: May 2018

Time for technology
The 15th annual warehouse and DC metrics study shows many companies are trying to make the business case to invest in new supply chain technologies, such as robotics, the Internet of Things, or blockchain.
Show me the money, ASAP!: interview with Richard Piontek Show me the money, ASAP!: interview with Richard Piontek
Speeding up cash flow is as important today as it was 20 years ago. Richard Piontek and eCapital are using today's tools to get the job done.
Master class
If anyone understands how to safely operate lift trucks, it's the companies that design and manufacture the equipment. A look at how they train their own employees reveals best practices any forklift fleet can adopt.
Keeping on truckin', no matter what Keeping on truckin', no matter what
It's a land grab for capacity in an ultra-tight market, and all ideas are on the table.
Carrying on the safety tradition Carrying on the safety tradition
Industrial Truck Association chairman Scott Johnson talks about the goals of National Forklift Safety Day and how he plans to build on past successes to support the organization's mission in the future.
Picking technologies: When inaccuracy leads to lost customers Picking technologies: When inaccuracy leads to lost customers
The true cost of a mispick is measured in service levels—and by a dwindling customer base when consumer and B2B buyers turn to sources that get orders right.

Outbound: Lifting the economy
With National Forklift Safety Day upon us, it's important to recognize the critical role industrial trucks play in our economy and in our lives.
Big Picture: Winston Churchill: Supply chain genius?
He probably wasn't thinking about warehouses when he urged strategists to "occasionally look at the results" of their plans. But The British Bulldog's advice nonetheless applies to supply chain management.
Logistics gives back
Here's our monthly roundup of some of the charitable works and donations by companies in the material handling and logistics space.
Robots set record for autonomous piece picking
RightHand Robotics says machines "picked and placed" 131,072 items during the Modex show in April.
Fifth annual National Forklift Safety Day slated for June 12
Forklift manufacturers will once again head to Washington, D.C., to educate customers, policymakers, and government officials about the safe use of forklifts and the importance of proper operator training.
Forklift vendor steps to the plate
Through MLB sponsorship, Doosan hopes to raise brand awareness one hit at a time.
Do not read this while driving
Texas gets serious about curbing distracted driving crashes.
Tech takes the bite out of home delivery
USPS reports year-over-year decline in dog bites.
Battery academy set to open this fall
Power systems specialist launches training school.
XPO puts "differently abled" employees to work
Transport and logistics giant launches pilot program in Pennsylvania.
Burris Logistics opens refrigerated warehouse near Atlanta
250,000-square-foot facility expands company's offerings for frozen food producers and retailers, Burris says.
With "Parcel Metro" service, DHL looks to be big fish in fast-growing delivery pond
German giant seeks to leverage brand, IT to plant flag in local markets.
RightHand and Vecna offer combined piece-picking and mobile robots
Partnership could reduce picking errors and human touches of inventory, alleviate labor shortages, RightHand says.
Flood of cross-border e-commerce packages challenges customs authorities to keep up, ensure security
U.S. and other governments are missing trade and product data while struggling to identify security risks for time-sensitive shipments, customs broker says.
Uber Freight seeing rational pricing in brokerage space, unit's head says
Driegert calls market 'very competitive,' says he's satisfied with unit's positioning.
Descartes unveils platform giving brokers capacity visibility 2 to 3 days in advance
Visibility tool leverages MacroPoint unit's driver, fleet connections.
XPO launches shared-space model for retail distribution
"XPO Direct" opens firm's technology, trucks, and workforce for omnichannel and e-commerce operations.
Study: Amazon's FBA Onsite program poses a threat to 3PLs
Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) Onsite may also help firm negotiate lower rates with parcel carriers, Armstrong & Associates says.