Table of Contents: April 2018

Robots carry the load for 3PLs
Once dismissed as too expensive for fulfillment work, robots are rolling into third-party warehouses and taking operations to the next level.
At Nor-Cal Beverage, new racks keep the fizz in the biz At Nor-Cal Beverage, new racks keep the fizz in the biz
As its bottling business boomed, beverage maker Nor Cal struggled with warehouse space constraints. High-density racks from Twinlode provided the room it needed to grow.
The pragmatic futurist: interview with Shekar Natarajan The pragmatic futurist: interview with Shekar Natarajan
Shekar Natarajan not only foresees the future of supply chain management, he is helping to shape it by finding new and revolutionary ways to apply technology to solve business challenges.
Off and running Off and running
A consolidation and new automated storage equipment helped Puma North America add the speed it needs to meet escalating customer demands.
Can IT help the shipping industry deep-six the container "no-show" problem? Can IT help the shipping industry deep-six the container "no-show" problem?
Better visibility, forecasting, and ironclad digital contracts are all in play in a bid to end the vicious cycle.
Giant Eagle lands big savings through software overhaul Giant Eagle lands big savings through software overhaul
By consolidating multiple TMS systems into a single platform, the regional grocery chain cut IT costs and revved up its transportation operations.
Everything is cool Everything is cool
Craft beer maker Ritual Brewing struggled with steamy conditions inside the California warehouse that doubles as its taproom. A giant ceiling fan brought relief to workers and customers alike.
The secret weapon in the fight against fakes The secret weapon in the fight against fakes
Looking to protect your goods from counterfeiting? Product packaging might be part of the solution.

Big Picture: A little retail magic
In order to survive, retailers will need to add a little pixie dust to the sales process.
Outbound: Asleep at the wheel
Some trucking regulations can be changed or gutted. A preliminary study into driver sleep apnea should not have been one of them.
Logistics gives back
Here's our monthly roundup of some of the charitable works and donations by companies in the material handling and logistics space.
Mobile TV helps fleet hold onto drivers
Oklahoma carrier credits in-cab satellite TV with boosting recruitment and retention.
Video offers tips on dock safety
Animated short looks at common hazards as well as protective measures.
New OnTrac vehicle delivers pitchers, not packages
Package delivery firm sponsors Diamondbacks' new bullpen cart.
So you think you can operate a crane?
Hiab invites crane operators to compete in the World Crane Championship.
Aussies urge Sheilas to consider logistics careers
Melbourne university launches program to recruit women for jobs in supply chain.
I, Froyo-bot: Robotic froyo kiosk serves up frozen yogurt on demand
Machines use a robotic arm to dispense the frozen treats within 60 seconds.
Kohl's fights back—with its stores
Direct-from-store fulfillment, improved collaboration, and improving the use of data are among key drivers moving retailer forward.
GE Transportation expands online cargo tracking portal to Port of Long Beach
Firm to launch two-month pilot program in July and expand existing program at Port of Los Angeles.
Congdon to leave Old Dominion CEO post after decade of historic outperformance
Executive to step down May 16 to become executive chairman. Gantt, current president, to become CEO.
HighJump: Voice technology will continue to unify future DC technologies
Robots are coming to the DC, but voice directed tools aren't going away yet, firm says.
Flowspace helps smaller companies find warehouse space by exploiting vacancy gaps
Flowspace, Flexe, capitalize on market for unused space in leased facilities to get customers as-needed capacity.
AWESOME announces this year's Legendary Leadership Award winners
The organization for women in the supply chain recognizes executives from the Bloom Energy Corporation and the Panama Canal Authority for advancements they have made in the field.
Will surging freight rates herald the return of the inflation boogieman?
General Mills sees quarterly profits compressed by freight-cost melt-up. Analyst sees no long-term repercussions, but short-term fluctuations.