Table of Contents: January 2018

Big data analytics in supply chain: Tackling the tidal wave
The amount of supply chain data is growing exponentially, and companies are struggling to make effective use of available information. New research reveals the strategies they're adopting to help them harness the power of big data.
"No, sir, you won't be getting any blockchain!" "No, sir, you won't be getting any blockchain!"
It's the hottest IT topic to come down the pike in years. Now if people only knew what to do with it.
Thinking outside the boxes Thinking outside the boxes
After nearly four decades of growth, The Container Store's DC had reached its limits. That's when the retailer installed a high-performance automated fulfillment system that has reshaped its entire operation.
Erasing the digital borders Erasing the digital borders
Cross-border e-commerce is booming, and it may be just getting started. Will this trigger air freight's next generational surge?
Staying ahead of Mother Nature: interview with John Bosse Staying ahead of Mother Nature: interview with John Bosse
Drivers and fleets can't control the weather, but John Bosse of The Weather Company believes that, with a little help, they have the ability to effectively plan for it.
A battery revolution? A battery revolution?
Lithium-ion batteries may be on the verge of a breakthrough in the material handling market, as prices inch down and warehouse and DC managers seek lower-maintenance, higher-productivity solutions.
Handled (automatically) with care Handled (automatically) with care
In this photo essay, we take a look at how Kumamoto-City Agricultural Cooperative handles fresh produce—like oranges—for optimum quality.

Big Picture: Lessons from Star Trek
New technologies are beginning to mirror the science fiction of the past.
Fastlane: The time has come
As Kenny Rogers sang, "You have to know when to hold 'em; know when to fold 'em." That time has come for me.
Outbound: The United States of Amazon
There is more to the business world than Amazon, even though it might not always seem that way.
Give a little bit
Amazon holiday ad features, yes, singing boxes flowing through an automated DC.
Daimler delivers first electric trucks in Europe
Light-duty Fuso eCanter hits the roads ahead of Tesla Semi.
Toyota announces supply chain research grant recipients
Lift truck maker to fund projects on warehouse automation, electric vehicles, and Industry 4.0.
"Green" delivery app promises to save miles, fuel
"Roadie" app matches shippers with with drivers who are already heading in the right direction.
Blockchain for the potchain
Vendors pitch software for marijuana logistics.
No help needed. Really.
Retailer set to open chain of fully automated convenience stores in China.
Dutch firm unveils world's first 3-D-printed propeller
"WAAMpeller" breezes through speed trials and crash stop tests.
Logistics gives back
Here's our monthly roundup of some of the charitable works and donations by companies in the material handling and logistics space.
Amazon tests program to provide two-day deliveries on broad scale
Pilot launched in L.A., Orange County to deliver for all shippers, regardless of affiliation with Amazon.
Tax reform delivers goodies to the supply chain, if it needs to feast
Lower tax rates, generous expensing, depreciation laws could be potent brew. But is it needed?
Study: in-store processing is cheapest option for retailers to handle returns
Managing returns in stores costs less and leads to faster resale than sending returns to a warehouse or 3PL, AlixPartners says.