Table of Contents: October 2017

Before you dig: 11 questions to ask before breaking ground on a new DC
With complex DC design and construction projects, small oversights can lead to big holdups and delays. Asking the right questions beforehand can help keep your project on track.
The mall is dead! Long live the mall! The mall is dead! Long live the mall!
Will Amazon's lease of Cleveland's defunct Randall Park Mall kick start interest in converting the retail icons to industrial use?
Lights! Camera! Logistics!: interview with Elaine Singleton Lights! Camera! Logistics!: interview with Elaine Singleton
Technicolor has been part of the filmgoing fabric for decades. But as Elaine Singleton, the company's vice president of supply chain, explains, there is also a thriving 3PL brand behind the credits.
For U.S. 3PLs, can the world be their oyster? For U.S. 3PLs, can the world be their oyster?
There's a world of potential beyond U.S.-based 3PLs' home markets. Do they have the means to take the plunge?
Cold as ice Cold as ice
Gourmet popsicle maker Frios needed a way to keep its ice pops—and profits—from melting away during transit. Once it gave Averitt's climate-controlled LTL service a try, things started to gel.
A remedy for window pain A remedy for window pain
As business grew, inventory tracking was becoming a serious headache for The Window Outfitters. An Internet-enabled tracking/picking solution from Voodoo Robotics cleared things right up.
A natural fit A natural fit
As sales skyrocketed, a Japanese specialty skincare and nutrition company needed a better method for processing 4 million shipments a month. The natural solution: automated systems.

Big Picture: Unskilled and unaware
Workers who fail to recognize their own incompetence can compromise both performance and safety. Luckily, there's a fix for that.
Fastlane: Precision is not easy
Conversion to the "precision scheduled railroading" model revived the flagging fortunes of Canadian National and Canadian Pacific. But it's not going so well over at CSX.
Outbound: Money alone won't solve our infrastructure woes
A steady and predictable source funding will help, but there are other steps we can take to get our infrastructure repairs back on track.
Toyota Forklifts marks 50 years of service in the United States
Golden anniversary celebration highlights company's history and expansion in the U.S., commitment to local community.
Word on the playground: Hazmat pros are "awesome dudes"
A new video from Labelmaster presents a kids'-eye view of dangerous goods transport.
Port Everglades gets shipshape
Seaport finds a novel way to encourage recycling and cleanliness.
Totally tubular: Student teams compete in Hyperloop race
Team sponsored by crane and lifting specialist Gorbel earns honors as top North American finisher.
APICS streamlines supply chain exam process
CPIM Version 6.0 certification cut from five exams to two.
C.H. Robinson software suite could mitigate supply chain risk from natural disasters
Navisphere Vision platform analyzes historical data with machine learning to make proactive decisions, company says.
Will two disasters in three weeks move the cloud investment needle?
Cleanup after Irma continues apace as companies take stock of their resiliency efforts and IT investments.
Blockchain consortium sees bright future in supply chain
Trusted IoT Alliance members Bosch, Cisco, Gemalto will collaborate on open source development.
For truckload carriers and their customers, the moment of truth has arrived
Sustained pickup in freight demand will push tight truck supply over the edge, driving up rates, experts say.
USPS testing next-day deliveries on Saturday pickups from retail stores
Sunday delivery initiative designed to support retailers' ship-from-store strategies for e-commerce.
Any corporation can act like a startup, MHI speaker says
Linkner tells annual conference attendees to "judo-flip conventional wisdom."
MHI speaker: Appoint a "chief disruption officer" for your company
Disruptive technologies will sweep industries from solar cells to smartphones to crypto-currencies, Singularity University's Roberts says.