Table of Contents: June 2017

Keep calm and let the TMS decide
Today's transportation software can help you pick the best carrier, rate, and route. Tomorrow's will be able to do it faster and better—and remove humans from the decision-making loop.
Air cargo and global value chains: Made for each other
World trade's backbone is ideally suited for air, which gives hope that the mode's future will be brighter than its recent past.
The soft skills of logistics: interview with Candace Holowicki The soft skills of logistics: interview with Candace Holowicki
Candace Holowicki was tasked with bringing TriMas Corp.'s global logistics operations under corporate control. Her battles, and ultimately her success, demonstrated how logistics can be two parts psychology and one part process.
How to address dock efficiency today How to address dock efficiency today
DCs are looking for ways to improve loading dock access and safety while implementing new technologies—all in the name of efficiency.
Startup Takeoff Technologies is ready to revolutionize e-grocery segment Startup Takeoff Technologies is ready to revolutionize e-grocery segment
A new model for grocery distribution has the potential to alter the way we shop for the things we eat.
Supply chain visibility writ large Supply chain visibility writ large
Flex's unique "collaboration wall" makes real-time supply chain data from multiple sources visible at a glance.
Global robot maker brings shipping back in house, with a little help from its (consultant) friends Global robot maker brings shipping back in house, with a little help from its (consultant) friends
Faced with the need to transfer its shipping process in-house and train its staff on hazmat transport regulations, Omron Adept Technologies got the support it needed from Labelmaster.
WMS helps Pitman Creek tackle the challenges of growth
Proliferating SKUs were creating headaches for fishing gear company Pitman Creek. But with new warehousing software, things are going swimmingly.

Fastlane: A promise best broken
Throughout his campaign, Trump promised to withdraw from NAFTA, which he once called "the worst deal ever." Let's hope he reneges on that one.
Big Picture: Safe and sound
Safe forklift practices assure that workers return home in the same condition in which they arrived for work that morning.
Outbound: Technology: Trending to the inevitable
The evidence is piling up that technology is about to rock your world. In fact, the tech trends that will drive the upheaval are already in motion.
"Edible origami" could cut shipping costs
Flat food takes on third dimension when dunked in water.
Clark celebrates 100 years of forklift innovation
Lexington, Ky.-based heavy-duty lift truck maker marks its centennial by rolling out a special line of lift trucks and hosting an array of special events.
NASSTRAC honors Mac Donald
DC Velocity founder receives shipper group's President's Award.
Digital dealing: Startup rolls out e-commerce platform for wholesale pot trade
LeafLink says it's high time the industry had its own online marketplace.
Self-driving garbage truck could offer glimpse into parcel delivery's future
If a robotic truck can be used for pickups, could it also be adapted for deliveries?
Micro-warehouses bring fulfillment closer to customer
Startup builds robotic DCs inside shipping containers.
Manhattan Associates software bundle unites e-commerce and physical storefronts
Cloud-based Manhattan Active suite includes Active Omni, Active Supply Chain, and Active Store.
Flexe rolls out next-day deliveries to support on-demand warehousing, fulfillment
Company looks to challenge Amazon's dominance in fulfillment and delivery.
SAP adds data analysis tools to IoT platform
Users must convert data into action to succeed in digital economy, SAP says.
Uber Freight finally hits the road by launching brokerage services in Texas
Digital load-matching service targeted at owner-operators, small fleets.
Honeywell launches freight-tracking tool for high-value goods
IoT-based solution was developed with partners Intel, DHL, Expeditors, and Kuehne + Nagel.
Jabil launches decision-support tool
InControl platform offers choice of five modules to improve supply chain visibility, collaboration, risk management, and diagnostics.
Ryder launches software platform to deliver visibility, event management from one source
NaviShare to centralize data flows from multiple channels, company says.