Table of Contents: January 2017

Pallet trucks look to the future
This humble piece of material handling equipment is getting more sophisticated in terms of design, technology, and applications. What will they do next?
Changing times Changing times
As companies decide where to locate their distribution facilities, they must take into account big changes in costs, technology, customer demands, and global economic conditions.
A change is gonna come ... A change is gonna come ...
Change management is a tricky exercise with big penalties attached. Here's how to get it right.
Speaking the language of trade Speaking the language of trade
Cutting through language barriers is part of the picture. But there's a whole lot more global trade management software can do for you and your company.
Europe's logistics hub Europe's logistics hub
If you ship products in Europe, chances are your freight will pass through the Netherlands. That's no accident.
The Home Depot's Michelle Livingstone on why orange is the new green The Home Depot's Michelle Livingstone on why orange is the new green
As one of the nation's largest truckload shippers, The Home Depot wields a lot of carbon-reduction clout with its carriers. It's Michelle Livingstone's job to ensure they carry Big Orange's freight as cleanly as possible.
Processing pecks of peppers: A look inside Fresh Park Venlo in the Netherlands Processing pecks of peppers: A look inside Fresh Park Venlo in the Netherlands
This logistics park is dedicated to the processing and distribution of fresh foods. Follow a fresh pepper's journey through the facility.

Basic Training: Fun and games in the supply chain
Everyone knows our work is deadly serious, with enterprise survival hanging in the balance. That's precisely why we need to step back and look for the humor in our workaday world.
Fastlane: 2017: The big question mark
What lies in store for shippers in the coming year? The crystal ball is unusually cloudy right now, but here are my best guesses.
Outbound: The year of living disruptively
2017 is shaping up to be a tipping point when it comes to disruptive technologies. And not in the way you're probably thinking.
Big Picture: Lean and green in the Netherlands
A Dutch carbon-reduction initiative has had positive effects on the environment throughout Europe.
Volkswagen names Knapp top innovator
Austrian company earns accolades for its autonomous, flexible shuttles.
Ann Drake featured on "Marketplace"
In a radio interview, the DSC Logistics chairman and CEO talked about initiatives to help women move up the corporate ladder.
Saucey whisks whiskey to thirsty customers
E-comm distribution firm delivers the booze in under an hour.
Drone pioneer looks to expand into aircargo
Executive foresees company operating Boeing 747-sized cargo drones within 10 years.
Germany's Logistics Hall of Fame honors pioneers
Thirteen pioneers who influenced the development of everything from bar codes to material handling systems were recognized at a November ceremony.
Do you know a Rainmaker?
Nominations for logistics leaders due Feb. 16.
RILA hosts retail supply chain conference
Annual event will take place in Orlando, Fla., in February.
Logistics gives back
Here's our monthly roundup of some of the charitable works and donations by companies in the material handling and logistics space.
Swisslog extends single brand over Forte, PAS
Move aligns warehouse automation firm to target e-commerce and beverage sectors.
Panel: Key to Internet of Things is handling data overload
Zebra expands tools for analyzing flood of sensor data.
FusionOps launches artificial intelligence tool for supply chain
Cognitive applications suite finds wrinkles in supply chain and suggests solutions.
Autonomous heavy-duty trucks threaten jobs of nearly 1.7 million drivers, White House says
Delivery driver jobs would be at less risk, CEA forecast says.
U.S. industrial property demand to stay strong in '17, CBRE forecasts
E-commerce to fuel another surge in demand, firm predicts.
Inland waterways could ease highway congestion
DOT funds effort to float containers on the Mighty Mississippi.