Table of Contents: September 2015

Lift truck data: The next frontier
New developments in wireless communication and data collection will soon allow industrial fleets to go where no forklift has gone before.
A weighty matter
An investment in "featherweight" trucks has allowed World Trade Distribution to pursue a niche market: processing overweight containers.
Mix and match … with a little high-tech help Mix and match … with a little high-tech help
Ryder touts TranSync as the first technology of its kind to help shippers decide whether to use their private and dedicated trucks or a common carrier for specific deliveries.
"Just drop it in my locker" "Just drop it in my locker"
Consumers are embracing parcel lockers, where they can retrieve (and often return) parcel shipments at their convenience. Delivery firms are taking note.
A champion of end-to-end collaboration: interview with Jeff LeClair A champion of end-to-end collaboration: interview with Jeff LeClair
Jeff LeClair learned the value of collaboration early in his career, lessons that have stayed with him throughout his 30 years in manufacturing and supply chain management.
High spirits High spirits
Wine and spirits distributor RNDC found the answer to its space crunch—and throughput woes—in an innovative new DC that features mezzanines and state-of-the-art conveyors.
TMS developers blur the lines between transportation and warehouse software TMS developers blur the lines between transportation and warehouse software
It used to be that your TMS handled one task, while your WMS took care of another. Now, the walls are a-tumbling down.
Tackling the dirty jobs
Onion producer Peri & Sons Farms finally finds a forklift that's tough enough for farm work.
Keeping the snacks flowing
Snack-food maker Utz adopts a software-as-a-service solution to oversee inbound and outbound transportation.
Water at the ready
A first in/first out storage system assures that a Chinese mineral water producer always delivers the freshest product possible.
Infographic: U.S. West Coast ports Infographic: U.S. West Coast ports
Gone and maybe forgotten?

Basic Training: Busting the leadership myth
I used to believe with my whole being that leaders are born and not made—that they are gifted with innate, and different, skills from the moment of conception. No longer.
Fastlane: How long is your last mile?
As retail goes omnichannel, the big question for merchants is where to locate their order fulfillment and shipping operations.
Outbound: Misdirected anger
Where is the outrage, and more important, the demand from the populace for action on our crumbling roads and bridges?
Logistics gives back
Here's our monthly roundup of some of the charitable works and donations by companies in the material handling and logistics space.
Forklift engine powers giant six-legged robot
Engineering students incorporate a used forklift engine into their two-seated robo-spider.
Fun with forklifts
A café in Rochester, N.Y., and a forklift-themed birthday party prove there's a lighter side to these warehouse workhorses.
U.S. 3PL manages unusual oversized shipment from Europe to U.S.
Giant gas pipes and windmill blades create a logistics challenge as they travel by land and sea to Michigan.
High school girls meet transportation mentors
Senior DOT administrators welcome students attending Youth Summit in Washington, D.C.
UPS tests electric bikes for urban deliveries
European pilot uses bicycles boosted by electric motors to navigate narrow streets.
XPO Logistics unit keeps pace with the Tour de France
Norbert Dentressangle's trucks transport race gear for 35th year.
MHI Executive Summit & Annual Conference opens annual meetings to buyers of equipment and systems
Combined events will feature speakers from MIT, Caterpillar, Coca-Cola.
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Mitsubishi Nichiyu Forklift to acquire UniCarriers Corp.
Consolidation among forklift makers supports Mitsubishi's plan for global business expansion.
For UPS, Coyote purchase is all about smoothing out the network wrinkles
$1.8 billion deal will help UPS reduce network variability through better use of brokerage technology, resources. At least that's the plan.
French firm Geodis acquires OHL to boost U.S. value-added warehousing presence
Reported $800 million purchase to create US$9 billion combination.