Table of Contents: August 2015

Four ways your WMS can cut costs and "green up" your DC
Savvy companies can use their warehouse management systems to uncover hidden inefficiencies that waste energy and money.
Reduction in force: Shippers rationalize their universe of 3PL providers Reduction in force: Shippers rationalize their universe of 3PL providers
In an effort to avoid high spot market prices, some shippers are bypassing their 3PLs and negotiating directly with truck owners for capacity. Will that come back to haunt them?
The allure of lithium-ion The allure of lithium-ion
Interest in lithium-ion batteries for material handling equipment is growing. Will they be limited to niche applications, or could they eventually replace lead-acid batteries?
So you want to be an EVP ... : interview with Tim Stratman So you want to be an EVP ... : interview with Tim Stratman
Supply chain managers can be excellent candidates for executive-level positions, says executive coach Tim Stratman. But to grab a corner office, they'll need to overcome some stereotypes and their own technical bent.
Voice 2.0 Voice 2.0
It's not just for picking anymore. Voice technology has evolved into a performance management and process optimization tool.

Basic Training: We are all millennials now. Or not.
We've all heard the rap about self-absorbed and entitled millennials. But don't kid yourself. All generations have expectations for entitlements.
Outbound: Highway hysteria
Road safety deserves thoughtful debate. Safety advocates' heated rhetoric over longer twin-trailers doesn't get us there.
Big Picture: In the future, who you gonna call?
In the rush to automate, companies don't always stop to think about who's going to keep their systems running.
Fastlane: New canal meets Old Man River
An expanded Panama Canal could mean a big boost in traffic for the U.S. inland waterway system. But not if the Mississippi's aging locks aren't repaired or replaced.
DHL tests car-trunk delivery for mobile parcel program
Carrier partners with Amazon and Audi for German pilot.
Crane builder crafts riverside fish elevator
Salmon gain new appreciation for material handling technology.
Photos shed light on the private lives of truckers
Magazine series pulls back the curtain on 18-wheeler cabs.
Middle East logistics trade demands special skills
Yusen Logistics qualifies 25 trucks for handling Islamic food.
Logistics gives back
Here's our monthly roundup of some of the charitable works and donations by companies in the material handling and logistics space.
Samsung projects driver's view on back of truck
Big-rig doors double as movie screens.
Supply Chain for Dummies offers entertaining logistics primer
JDA Software experts contribute chapters to supply chain management reference book.
CSCMP annual conference runs Sept. 27–30
Speakers include Starbucks and Amazon executives.
JDA software product could help companies avoid unprofitable steps in omnichannel commerce
Version 9.0 combines disparate data to create "seamless supply chain."
Unmanned trucks could drive highways by 2025, study says
Frost & Sullivan report says technology is on pace.
eBay sells off fulfillment arm to focus on online marketplace
Private equity groups pay $925 million for eBay Enterprise.
Robert Martichenko to receive CSCMP's Distinguished Service Award
CEO of LeanCor Supply Chain Group recognized for contributions to the supply chain profession.
McConnell-Boxer bill sets six-year federal transport funding plan; establishes multimodal freight policy
Legislation tables CSA trucker safety scores for nearly two years while academic group analyzes program, suggests corrective measures.
Fortna president John A. White III adds CEO to title
Former chief executive Counihan remains chairman of the board.