Table of Contents: March 2015

Brokerage uber alles!
Leveraging Uber-like technology, newbies like 10-4 Systems, Cargomatic, and BoxSmart seek to blaze a new—and inclusive—trail in the truck brokerage field.
Supply chain evangelist: interview with Michael Regan Supply chain evangelist: interview with Michael Regan
Over a four-decade career, Michael Regan has earned recognition as a tireless advocate for the logistics profession and one of its most prominent, innovative—and often provocative—thinkers.
KPM changes its fulfillment "landscape" with voice KPM changes its fulfillment "landscape" with voice
Though the outdoor power equipment it sells is state of the art, small distributor KPM was making do with manual processes in its own operations. Then it discovered an affordable voice solution.
Labor management software in the age of omnichannel retail Labor management software in the age of omnichannel retail
The omnichannel revolution has ushered in sweeping changes for DCs and the people who work in them. It's also changing how retailers use performance-tracking systems.
Inventory counting on the go Inventory counting on the go
Want to make cycle counting faster and more efficient? Mobile technology could be the answer.

Fastlane: Who's on first?
Yes, we desperately need a long-term solution for funding road and bridge projects. But there's something else we need before that.
Big Picture: March—a time for material handling dreams
Later this month, more than 35,000 professionals will gather at Chicago's McCormick Place for a glimpse of the latest innovations in the logistics and supply chain management space.
Basic Training: News from Mount Sinai
In uncertain times, we can all use some guideposts to tell us how far we've come and how far we've yet to go. Here's our current take on the Ten Commandments for supply chain management success.
Outbound: Obama's moment to seize
History may tip its hat if he ends his term by driving a strong infrastructure bill through Congress.
North America's biggest refrigerated warehouse to open in July
Preferred Freezer Services' megafacility in Richland, Wash., will include the world's largest automated freezer handling system.
Cuba trade services announced
Looking to do business with Cuba? Here are some informational resources to help get you started.
Pilot shows "augmented reality" could benefit warehouse operations
In tests at a Dutch warehouse, order pickers outfitted with smart glasses outperformed peers by 25 percent.
Insurer identifies top five causes of cargo losses
International transportation and logistics industry insurer TT Club says just five types of problems account for two-thirds of the claims it receives.
Carrier goes deep to support fight against Ebola
Crowley Maritime Corp. sends staff to West Africa to bolster U.S. military effort.
New truck cab design makes life easier for women behind the wheel
Ryder System Inc. now offers trucks spec'd for women drivers, says new features will benefit many male drivers as well.
Trucking tales for children
Former truck driver, Tennessee Trucking Association publish children's books about the profession.
Holiday flower shipments blossom before Valentine's Day
U.S. Customs and Border Protection processes more than 800 million stems in six weeks.
Truckload contract rates strong in December; intermodal rates going lower, index projects
Cass-Avondale monthly report sees average 4-9 percent gain in 2015 truck contract pricing; fuel surcharge declines to drive conversion from rail to over-the-road
Industrial property market finishes strong to punctuate solid year, JLL report says
Vacancy rates dip below 7 percent; further narrowing seen in 2015.
Kintetsu's $1.2 billion buy of APL Logistics transforms Japanese firm's Americas business
"Generous" offer reflects big plans for Kintetsu in U.S., Mexico and points south, analyst says.
Judge rules in favor of FedEx Ground, Hunt in Massachusetts worker-classification cases
Federal pre-emption law supersedes state independent-contractor statute, according to rulings.
Global transport logistics M&A flat year-over-year, PwC analysis says
BG Strategic takes opposite view, cites boom in dealmaking flow
Buffett criticizes BNSF's 2014 performance, saying it "disappointed" many customers
Railroad owner vows to reverse unit's fortunes in 2015.