Table of Contents: November 2014

Ignore the dray, and it could go away
Maritime and intermodal's first and last mile is in bad shape and suffers from benign neglect. Can technology and a more enlightened stakeholder attitude reverse the decline?
Zoned in Zoned in
Looking to stay on top of your order fulfillment game? Zone routing offers the benefits of goods-to-person picking at a fraction of the cost.
Virginia is for (logistics) lovers
Companies seeking a new distribution center site will find a lot to love about Virginia, including a deepwater port and its location in the middle of the Eastern Seaboard.
Omnichannel navigator: interview with Kerry W. Coin Omnichannel navigator: interview with Kerry W. Coin
For many retailers, omnichannel commerce is new and uncharted territory. But consultant Kerry W. Coin has been there and now offers some guidance on how retailers can master a strategy that's fraught with supply chain challenges.
Vitamin Shoppe gets in shape for omnichannel Vitamin Shoppe gets in shape for omnichannel
The fast-growing retailer revamped fulfillment and got firm control of its inventory to develop near seamless service for its health-conscious customers.
What to think about when you think about omnichannel What to think about when you think about omnichannel
Looking to join the omnichannel revolution? Here are some things you need to consider.
Study: to excel at omnichannel distribution, you need the right stuff
Everyone wants to be the master of the omnichannel universe. But our exclusive study shows that most companies have been reluctant to make the necessary investment in distribution technology.

Techwatch: Who's using YMS and why (or why not)
Despite demonstrated benefits, yard management systems haven't seen widespread adoption—particularly among smaller companies. A recent DCV survey offers some clues as to why.
Basic Training: Gin for dinner
As supply chain professionals, we face a multitude of challenges that can make us contemplate ordering Plymouth by the case.
Fastlane: Honey, I shrunk the boxes
With LTL rates expected to go "dim," shippers of lightweight, bulky freight should take a good look at their packaging.
Big Picture: Hot topics at CSCMP
What issues were top of mind at this year's Annual Global Conference? The driver shortage, government regulation, and—need we say it?—omnichannel.
Outbound: Forget leaning in, try looking up
Worried about missing something really important? Then you'll need to glance up from that phone or tablet once in a while.
Perspective: Has a British retailer solved the omnichannel puzzle?
Instead of shipping cases or pallets to stores, John Lewis moved to a replenishment model of "buy one, replace one."
Special Report: Omnichannel takes hold
In this special multipart report, we take a fresh look at just how companies are grappling with the logistics challenges that omnichannel brings.
New manufacturing facility demonstrates MCFA's commitment to electric vehicles, U.S. manufacturing
With the launch of its new electric pantograph reach truck, Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America Inc. (MCFA) is now manufacturing almost all of its products in the United States.
Annual supply chain conference attracts over 2,000 attendees
Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals uses the event to recognize award winners, new board of directors.
Logistics organizations join the fight against Ebola
American Logistics Aid Network (ALAN), logistics service providers facilitate delivery of supplies needed to prevent the spread of Ebola in West Africa
Special deliveries: Drones already having an impact overseas
Delivery drones glide out of inventors' dreams and into real-life military and commercial use.
Logistics, material handling companies give back
Here are some recent examples of charitable works by companies in the logistics, transportation, and material handling markets.
Ohio State professors to take the helm of the Journal of Business Logistics
Zinn, Goldsby are first from OSU to edit journal since its founding at the university in 1978.
Coming soon to a Wal-Mart near you: More "Made in the USA" labels
Megaretailer now working with suppliers to bring some production back to the U.S.
Top brass to discuss the "new normal" in defense logistics
Defense Logistics 2014 conference in early December will focus on procurement practices in an era of fiscal constraints.
How to beat the high cost of forklift, pallet truck ownership
With equipment prices on the rise, analyst offers tips for holding operating costs down.
Warehouse, DC labor crunch approaching crisis levels at worst time, survey finds
ProLogistix reports tightest job market since 2007.
"Help Wanted" the keywords for 2015, annual survey of 3PL industry concludes
Talent shortage permeates every segment of the business.
UPS' 2015 rate hikes have a familiar ring to them
Tariff rate hikes mimic those of rival FedEx.
Harrison, CP CEO, holds court on rail industry; warns of dim future without merger freedoms
Well-planned and executed combinations are pro-competitive, he tells listeners.
Cautious retailers building in more cushion for holiday deliveries, survey finds
This year's cutoffs for guaranteed Christmas deliveries earlier than usual.