Table of Contents: March 2014

A new pairing for refrigerated transport
Will a rail-truck hybrid model challenge truckers' dominance?
Avnet goes lean and green
Combining lean practices and sustainability, Avnet's global warehouse in Arizona offers the company enormous efficiencies—and a ready model for its other facilities around the world.
A logistician turned CEO: interview with Lee Scott A logistician turned CEO: interview with Lee Scott
Former Walmart CEO Lee Scott looks back on how logistics helped turn his company into a megaretailer.
Flows like, well, water!
With hundreds of different beverage products flowing in daily, German bottler Labertaler was having a hard time keeping its head above water. Automated DC systems changed all that.
The power of a control tower The power of a control tower
Agilent Technologies' "control tower"—an information hub linking the instrument maker with its suppliers to provide inventory visibility—has helped the company deftly model parts availability, manage order promising, and counteract parts shortages during a natural disaster.

Problem Solved: Problem: Eliminating bottlenecks resulting from fast growth
Crider Foods' warehouse was becoming a chokepoint in the company's fast-growing fulfillment operations. The solution turned out to be pallet storage and flow rack—tools Crider then brought along when it built a new DC.
Techwatch: LMS: No longer just a tool for warehousing
As more retailers grapple with the challenges of in-store order fulfillment, they're turning to software once used strictly within the confines of the DC.
Big Picture: Building an ethical supply chain
Operating a global supply chain can have enormous financial benefits, but it also brings with it enormous ethical responsibility. Just ask Apple or Nike.
Fastlane: Righting a Wright wrong
It's taken nearly 35 years, but the Wright amendment will be officially repealed the fall, lifting some of the most onerous marketplace restrictions the airline industry has ever seen.
Outbound: Anne and a thousand questions
On March 17, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administrator Anne S. Ferro will get up in front of an audience of lawyers and practitioners to defend her agency's policies. She'll have a lot of explaining to do.
Climate-controlled LTL containers: An idea whose time has come (again)?
Averitt Express announces a new refrigerated service that sounds a lot like an old one.
Practitioners name top supply chain schools, certifications
Looking for good people? SCM World has published its members' picks for the best sources of supply chain talent.
Palletizing drones: Pie in the sky?
Material handling equipment maker produces a short film showing a potential DC application for drones.
Africa: Land of odd express deliveries
The Sub-Saharan Africa Services division of DHL Express appears to see more than its share of out-of-the-ordinary shipments.
DCV editors to take the stage at spring conferences
DC VELOCITY editors will be speaking at several highly regarded educational events around the country this April.
New bar-code technology breaks world speed record for retail scanning
Guinness World Records confirms that Digimarc's digital-watermark bar code has toppled the previous record.
Good deeds of the month
Here's our monthly roundup of charitable work by companies in the logistics and material handling space.
CNG truck makes pioneering cross-country journey
Saddle Creek Logistics Services says its "Great American Green Ride" is the first cross-country trip by a for-hire vehicle powered by compressed natural gas.
Small change in fuel surcharge formula can yield big savings for truckload shippers, survey finds
Transplace study says one-cent adjustment in calculations can save shippers millions.
Will GAO report send FMCSA back to the CSA drawing board?
Study critical of program's methodology, urges revisions to improve data reliability.
Personal injury lawyers coached on the fine points of "broker busting"
Law firm instructs plaintiffs bar on how to use CSA to sue brokers.
Global M&A activity spiked in fourth quarter, bringing decent end to lackluster year
Big infrastructure deals fueled action at year's end, PwC report says.
Roadrunner buys Rich Logistics; firm poised to continue acquisition strategy
$48 Million deal lands Roadrunner cross-border, auto provider.