Table of Contents: July 2013

The Rainmakers
For our 2013 Rainmakers, success isn't just about fame and fortune. It's also about making a contribution to the logistics field and advancing the profession.
Five steps to ensure bar-code compliance
As more DCs automate their receiving operations, suppliers risk steep fines if they don't comply with customers' labeling requirements. Here are some tips for staying out of trouble.
Seven signs your supply chain needs a redesign Seven signs your supply chain needs a redesign
Because supply chain redesigns are expensive and time-consuming, they often get deferred. But if your company shows any of these warning signs, you probably can't afford to put it off any longer.
Be safe ... everywhere Be safe ... everywhere
If you have multiple warehouses and DCs, you'll want them all to be on the same page when it comes to safety. Here are some strategies for ensuring consistent compliance across your network.
Are your conveyors ready for e-commerce? Are your conveyors ready for e-commerce?
If you're using conventional systems designed to handle cases, the answer is no. Here are some things you can do to prepare your operations for e-fulfillment.

Techwatch: Missing the potential of inventory optimization
Inventory optimization software may be hot right now, but most users do a poor job of making it work for them, one expert says.
Fastlane: An uncertain summer
Although it feels like the transportation industry has been in a state of turmoil for some time now, this summer may set a new record.
Basic Training: Entitlement nation
We, as both employees and employers, continue to sink deeper into the entitlement quagmire. Here's what it will take to turn things around.
Outbound: Humans alone can only do so much, but ...
Yes, you're going to have to do more, and you're going to have to do it faster. But you'll have help.
Big Picture: The Rainmaker class of 2013
Like their predecessors, this year's honorees have compiled a record of professionalism, tenacity, and commitment that has created enormous value for their companies and the supply chain community.
Employer helps DC managers become better communicators
Public speaking is part of the training curriculum at 3PL Kenco.
Report identifies innovations that will change transportation
World Economic Forum and Boston Consulting Group research looks at technology's impact on transportation, travel.
Logistics gets the celebrity treatment
References to warehousing and transportation have popped up in some surprising places.
Logistics gives back
Here's our monthly roundup of community service and charitable work by companies in logistics and material handling.
U.S. demand for new pallets to hit 1.3 billion by 2017
Report says post-recession growth will push annual demand up 3.5 percent annually over next four years.
Supply chain humor pops up on YouTube
You read that right: YouTube is home to a host of comic logistics and supply chain videos.
Apple tops Gartner's "best supply chain" list ... again
For the sixth consecutive year, Apple keeps its spot at the top of the supply chain heap.
Defense logistics expert launches blog on DC Velocity website
Regular contributor Steve Geary to comment on military logistics and supply chain management.
Fuel cells for forklifts: How's it going?
The final results of Genco's three-year pilot aren't in yet, but all indications point to some significant benefits, says a company exec.
U.S. 3PLs showed below-trend growth in 2012
Armstrong & Associates report shows weak-to-modest global activity, higher costs affecting third-party logistics sector, and predicts more of the same for 2013.
Group developing legal framework for shared supply chains in Europe
Guidelines would help companies collaborate without violating antitrust laws.
Lytle leaves Long Beach for larger pastures at Oakland; departure comes at critical time for port
Port chief sees opportunity to expand résumé to include airport, facilities director.
FedEx Freight raises tariff rates, undercuts rivals
Hike of 4.5 percent falls below 5.9 percent increases implemented by UPS Freight, YRC, ABF.
Lift truck production seen growing 2 to 3 percent this year
ITA chief "cautiously optimistic" about sustainable recovery.
Interroll buys Portec Group, leading U.S. belt curve maker in all-cash transaction
Move expands Portec's global reach, expands market for Interroll services.
Supreme Court strikes down drayage concession agreement at Port of Los Angeles
In a unanimous decision, Justices find that the pact is pre-empted by federal law.