Table of Contents: June 2013

Collaboration bears fruit
By working with a competitor to boost transportation efficiency, Ocean Spray cut freight costs by 40 percent and greenhouse gases by 20 percent in one major lane.
Space invaders Space invaders
Intermediaries have muscled in on the LTL market. Can they continue to wield influence in a world of rationalized capacity?
A higher calling A higher calling
Need space for expansion into multichannel commerce? Just look upward.
Leadership in times of sequestration: interview with Rear Admiral Mark Heinrich
The sequester may be causing havoc to budgets across the military, but Rear Admiral Mark Heinrich says it's also an opportunity.
Item-level RFID reaches into the DC
More and more companies are turning to item-level RFID tagging to boost inventory accuracy throughout the supply chain. How will this affect DCs?
Lean your warehouse workforce Lean your warehouse workforce
Lean management aims to eliminate waste, add value, and achieve the best quality. When applied properly, it can do all that and bring about huge labor-related improvements as well.

Big Picture: The STEM debate
Employers worry about a shortage of workers with training in science, technology, engineering, and math. Yet a number of economists say the nation actually doesn't have enough jobs for the graduates we're producing.
Techwatch: Robots: coming soon to a DC near you (really!)
More robots can be found on Mars today than in the nation's warehouses. But that's about to change, says one expert.
Fastlane: Investigate, analyze, and verify
Two freight bill audit and payment companies were recently accused of leaving their clients liable for millions of dollars in unpaid invoices. Here are some ways to avoid becoming the next victim.
Basic Training: When managers think they are leaders
Life's too short to waste on "leaders" who can't lead and managers who can't manage. Here are some telltale signs you're dealing with one of these.
Problem Solved: Problem: Keeping up with the demands of rapid growth
Canada's Value Drug turned to horizontal carousels, pick- and put-to-light technology, and scanning to rev up order processing and assure accuracy.
Outbound: Deregulation naysayers were right about everything, except the most important thing
Opponents of deregulation correctly predicted the consolidation that has taken place in the freight transportation marketplace. But that's just part of the story.
DC VELOCITY wins national design awards
Director of Creative Services Keisha Capitola honored with three awards from Graphic Design USA.
To find warehouse inefficiencies, "be the package"
Following the path an order or carton takes through your DC will help you identify bottlenecks and delays.
Dutch shippers vie for fastest truck turnaround at DCs
Shippers in the Netherlands start a "speed derby" to see who can move a truck fastest at distribution center docks.
New uses for old pallets
French architect designs movable sun shade constructed of recycled wooden pallets.
Logistics, material handling companies give back
Here's our monthly roundup of some of the good deeds being done by companies in the logistics and material handling community.
Ralphs-Pugh Co. to convert facility to solar power
Manufacturer of material handling equipment components expects to get 90 percent of energy needs from the sun.
New reports offer the lowdown on lift truck automation
Crown Equipment Corp., Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America (MCFA) publish papers on technology behind "driverless" lift trucks.
Trans-Pacific carrier discussion agreements begin trial merger
If U.S. government approves, TSA and WTSA will merge after a two-year test run; move would have no impact on rates or capacity, administrator says.
Descartes buys Norwegian software company KSD for $33 million in cash
Transaction boosts Descartes' presence in Scandinavia.
Domestic intermodal container traffic up double-digits for sixth straight quarter
Trade group says domestic container volumes up 10.2 percent.
Leaders of largest UPS union urge members to reject dual contracts
UPS package contract "not worthy of ratification," say heads of Louisville, Ky.-based local.