Table of Contents: October 2012

Distribution juiced to the max
Argozumos, a Spanish provider of juice products, moves to automation to keep its beverages flowing.
Eyes on the skies Eyes on the skies
Cloud-based technology is being hailed as the next big thing in the parcel management sector. But first, providers have to allay shippers' concerns over cost, reliability, and data security.
How Invacare slashed its freight spend
Prior to starting LTL contract talks, home healthcare products maker Invacare did a detailed lane-by-lane analysis of its carriers' tariffs. The result: big savings.
Inside Dell's global command centers Inside Dell's global command centers
The technology giant's global command centers coordinate parts logistics and field technicians to respond swiftly to customers' requests. They even monitor potential problems like natural disasters and work with customers to develop contingency plans.
Doing the right thing: interview with C. Randal Mullett Doing the right thing: interview with C. Randal Mullett
There are plenty of benefits to launching a corporate social responsibility program, says Randy Mullett. And not one of them has anything to do with feeling good.

Techwatch: A network design is never done
For many companies, designing a supply chain has gone from a one-time project to an ongoing process. Here's why.
Basic Training: Want to find job creators? Look in the mirror
We don't have to look far to find job creators: They are the readers of this magazine and anyone else in the business of managing logistics and distribution.
Fastlane: The ABCs of FTZs
Although many supply chain managers know a little about foreign trade zones, the concept is often misunderstood. As a result, these zones are not being utilized to their full potential.
Basic Training: The ABCs of the ABCs – Alternatives in supply chain education
With the recent explosion in SCM program offerings, it's not always easy to separate the wheat from the chaff. Here are some things to consider.
Outbound: The unmaking of John Mica
Last February, Rep. Mica unveiled an ambitious measure to overhaul the nation's transportation network. But in the end, he was unable to deliver.
E-commerce driving regionalization of distribution networks
Move would allow retailers to cut delivery times, simplify returns.
Creator of the "10th-party logistics" satire releases new tongue-in-cheek video
Latest installment from Dedola Logistics responds to CSCMP "snub."
CEMA conveys some good news
Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Association reports surge in market activity for the first half of the year.
Time-traveling through SCM history
Infographic highlights "great moments" in the history of logistics and supply chain management.
Be a smart (freight) shopper
Intermodal Transportation Institute to offer two-day seminar on choosing the right modal mix to maximize efficiency and cost savings.
Logistics and supply chain companies support charities, nonprofits
Here's our monthly roundup of charitable works by companies in the logistics and supply chain business.
Who needs ships? Just drive the container!
Self-propelled ocean container could deliver the goods to remote locations.
U.K. firm plans same-day delivery service in U.S.
UPS equity division, two others to invest $2 million in Shutl.
FedEx to hike 2013 rates 3.9 percent on air products
Increase comes as company discloses weak results for fiscal first quarter due to sub-par performance from largest unit.
Supply chain execs see benefits in predictive software
Respondents to a survey of chief supply chain officers said predictive analytical software would help them make better decisions about inventory, demand, and other factors affecting profitability.
C.H. Robinson buys Phoenix International for $635 million in cash, stock
Deal is largest in Robinson's 107-year history and will greatly increase the company's global footprint.
Familiar refrain: Shippers dissatisfied with partners' efforts in being proactive, innovative
Tompkins survey echoes earlier findings, raises issues of communication.
Round 1: Teamsters present initial contract proposal to UPS
At stake are a quarter of a million jobs and an avalanche of parcels.